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New Feature: Mark multiple episodes as played

Today we added a small feature that makes it easier to mark multiple episodes of a podcast as played. This is especially helpful if you are just starting out on Lastcast and want to quickly mark all episodes of a show as played. This can be done on every podcast page on Lastcast and every episode will be marked as played on the day it got released. If you prefer to automatically mark episodes as played on the day you actually listened to them you should use our apps. for podcasts

For a long time I was looking for a way to track my podcasts just as I do my music. Now Lastcast is the for podcasts and helps me do that. What is is a website that allows you to track what you are listening to. It already exists for a long time already and according to my profile I’ve been using it since 7 August 2007. In that time I listened to 168,117 tracks by 11,739 different artists.

Welcome to Lastcast 👋

Welcome to what exactly? Lastcast is a new platform that keeps track of your listening habits across various podcast apps. It enables you to have to a unified listening history and some insights into your personal stats. You can also easily see what your friends are listening to and explore new podcasts. Insights range from your total amount of hours listened to which genres you prefer or how many podcasts you finished.