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For a long time I was looking for a way to track my podcasts just as I do my music. Now Lastcast is the for podcasts and helps me do that.

What is is a website that allows you to track what you are listening to. It already exists for a long time already and according to my profile I’ve been using it since 7 August 2007. In that time I listened to 168,117 tracks by 11,739 different artists. They collect a lot of stats like genres, at what time of day you listen to music the most, which artists you discovered when or how much you listen compared to your friends. They have an open API which enables a lot of third party tools to enrich the data even more or build their own visualizations. listening data visualization

Here are some examples of how these reports look like. They are generated for various time ranges in addition to a ”Last year” report.

End of the year report on works by having a — so called — “scrobbler” running on the device you are listening music on. A scrobbler is an app submitting listening data to There’s iOS apps, Mac apps, a Spotify integration and even a bunch of scrobblers to scrobble your vinyl records by using Shazam. It’s a very dedicated community as you can see in the subreddit where people obsess about editing tags, fixing issues if the scrobbling app functions incorrectly or discussing if they should manually scrobble when they hear a song in the mall.

As a long time user of the site and podcast listener I was always looking for an equivalent for podcasts. I couldn’t find any other site doing that in the way I wanted it to, so we set out to build it ourselves. One additional use case on on top of keeping track of your listened episodes is that you can see what your friends are listening to.

Now already has the basic functionality to be the for podcasts. The scrobbler apps are open source and more integrations for other podcast apps are planned. Lastcast has an open API that can be used by developers to create their own integrations.

Join today and start tracking your listening history.