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Welcome to Lastcast 👋

Welcome to what exactly? Lastcast is a new platform that keeps track of your listening habits across various podcast apps. It enables you to have to a unified listening history and some insights into your personal stats. You can also easily see what your friends are listening to and explore new podcasts.

Insights range from your total amount of hours listened to which genres you prefer or how many podcasts you finished. You can also organize your favorite podcasts and episodes in lists and share them – very handy to collect podcasts or single episodes you find on social media and that are recommended to you by friends.

The user profile

This idea (“ for podcasts”) has been on our minds for a while now, but we really only started working on Lastcast about a year ago, after listening to an episode of ATP. Someone in the “Ask ATP” segment of the show asked if it was possible to get their total listening time in Overcast – it’s not, so we decided to finally build it ourselves.

Our biggest motivation is that we are both very passionate about podcasts as well as tracking the content we watch or listen to. We use to record what music we listen to and to keep track of our TV shows and movies. Podcasts are a big blind spot on our self-tracking map, so it was always a problem we wanted to have solved.

We are planning on documenting our build process a bit in upcoming blog posts. While building Lastcast, we learned a lot about various technologies we haven’t used before but wanted to get more familiar with (Kubernetes, Rails, Swift, …). Sharing our learnings was one of the goals from the beginning, so we documented a bunch of things during the process already.

There’s also some development going on in the open with our client apps (“scrobblers”) that are available on Github.

We finally reached the point where it covers our own basic use cases and we’ve been using it for a while with a small circle of friends. Now we want to get some feedback from other people. If you have any suggestions or issues please let us know so we can address them. There’s a lot of things we want to improve, but we’ve been at it so long that it would help to get an idea on what to focus next.

We hope you have a good experience and if not, please let us know! 📫