Be Your Best Horsemanship

"Be Your Best" is hosted by professional horse trainer and clinician, Phil Haugen. Inspired by his “1% better everyday" training philosophy, Phil explains the methods, mindset, and performance tips that drive continuous learning and growth in horsemanship, as well as in life.  Join us each week as Phil shares his experiences over the past 30 years in the horse training industry, discussing the methods that have helped him bridge the language barrier between horse and rider to enhance understanding and performance from foundation to finish. 76 Episodes

Maintaining Speed & Momentum in Your Turns ・12.10.2021

In this episode, I am breaking down the process of overcoming two common issues in the barrel racing industry:

Why is my horse stalling out on the back side of a barrel?

My horse is losing momentum going into a turn. How do I fix it?

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How to be More Efficient with Your Time ・05.10.2021

Do you ever wake up feeling behind? Do you ever get the feeling like you have more to do than you could ever get done? Feeling like you are never caught up? If so, you are not alone.

In the horse training business, time is one of our biggest limitations. On this episode, I am sharing s... Read More

Being Proactive About Your Goals ・28.09.2021

Having goals is important, but having a system in place to support these goals is even more important. Over the years, I've begun to take a more proactive approach to my goal setting. Instead of waiting until January 1 to write out my intentions for the year, I start mapping out my syst... Read More

Thoughts About the Current Horse Market ・21.09.2021

We are in the midst of an exciting time in the equine industry. Whether you are raising horses, buying prospects to train, or searching for a rodeo-ready athlete, there is no question that the value of the horse has risen dramatically over the past few years. The trends of today’s horse... Read More

Winning the Day ・14.09.2021

Every morning when I wake up, my goal is to win the day. To me, winning the day means being in a better position when the day is over than when the day started. It means progressing myself, even if just by a small increment.

The idea of winning the day is something that helps me mainta... Read More

Using Roping to Establish Feel, Timing & Balance ・07.09.2021

When I first started out as a trainer, the only thing I trained was rope horses. While I still train a lot of horses that go on to excel in various roping disciplines, I've learned that the techniques I use to train roping horses are beneficial for horses in other disciplines as well. 
... Read More

How to Handle a Horse that Pulls Back ・31.08.2021

Pulling back is a topic that is important to discuss for your safety and the safety of others. The first step to overcoming the habit of pulling back is to understand why horses do it in the first place. Pulling back is a reactive response, just like running away, bucking or rearing. It... Read More

How to Seamlessly Transition to the Next Level of Speed ・24.08.2021

"My horse works great at slower speeds, but when I ask for a little more, everything falls apart." Have you ever asked for a little more speed from your horse only to feel like you went all the way back to square one? If so, you're not alone. 

The thing to remember is that there’s a di... Read More

Reframing Your Mindset About Reactive Responses ・17.08.2021

I believe that there are varying degrees of reactive responses. And, I truly don’t think that horses display undesirable responses just to spite us. These reactive responses are simply a horse’s method of communicating that they are scared or insecure with the situation that they are in... Read More

Debunking Perceptions of Where Your Horse “Should” Be ・10.08.2021

In my part of the world, I think most people consider a ‘colt’ to be 2-3 years old. However, in my barn, I would argue that 6 can very well still be considered a colt. I find that a lot of people use age as the sole determinant of where a horse should be in its training career. However,... Read More


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