Beyond Crafting: Creating Your Most Inspired Life.

Let’s take a look at behind the life of a crafter. The ups and downs, and the journey in the lives of many. You guys knows me as Holli Mostella, Content Creator. With this platform, I want to show you what it’s like behind the craft room doors. To bring in people that inspire me, and to have a place where my voice can be heard.

CRICUT: Flip the Script ・11.10.2021

This week on Beyond Crafting we are flipping the script! In honor of World Mental Health Day, Yours Truly is in the hot seat as Cricut's own Lansia Wann sits down with me to dive deep into good, vulnerable conversation surrounding mental health awareness + crafting. 
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Meet Nicole with Dear Handmade Life ・21.06.2021

In this week’s episode we meet Nicole:  a maker, mama, mental health warrior, and the CEO and creative director at Dear Handmade Life. Nicole wears allllll the hats. She has a blog, a podcast, a shop, directs Camp Dear Handmade Life, puts on local makers festivals, and the highlight of ... Read More

Meet Nikki with Steel Magnolia Tumblers ・17.05.2021

In this episode, we meet Nikki with Steel Magnolia tumbler company. Nikki is a super math nerd and crafter turned bad ass business woman. As the owner, designer and creator of The Steel Magnolia, she just hit a HUGE milestone, selling her MILLIONTH cup! 🎉

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Episode 04: A Letter To My Younger Self ・19.04.2021

Dear Younger Self…

“Believe in yourself. No one else will as much as you can.”
“If you get a credit card, get only one. Only use it for what you can pay for that month and pay it off at the end of each month.”
“It's normal to feel anxious sometimes, but when it's too much to handle, do... Read More

Meet Katie: A Chat With My Virtual Assistant ・08.03.2021

In this week’s episode, I sat down with my AMAZING Virtual Assistant, Katie. If you’ve heard about ‘virtual assistants’ but not exactly sure what they do, what it’s like working from home or curious if YOU could potentially be a good fit in this role...then THIS episode is for YOU! 
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Q & A With Holli ・21.02.2021

One way I love for my community to get to know me a little better is with a good ol’ Q & A. I have my amazing virtual assistant, Katie, on this episode with me asking me questions my patrons are asking + that I get asked often! We will cover topics ranging from mental health to spending... Read More

Where Did She Go? ・08.02.2021

Let’s face it, 2020 did not end the way that it started. For any of us. For me, it ended in a separation, a new home and, in hindsight, a fresh start. 
So, Where Did I Go? In the mess of 2020, I realized how desperately I needed to take a b.r.e.a.k. I needed time to focus on my girls + ... Read More

An Open Letter to a Narcissist ・19.10.2020

If you or a loved one has experienced domestic violence, you can visit, contact the National Domestic Violence hotline at 1-800-799-7233, or go to for a full list for help. Or visit the Show Notes Section at

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Meet Perfection ・05.10.2020

and how to get over it.
Let's face it. No one and nothing is perfect. Once we can accept perfection is not obtainable, we can allow life to get a little easier.

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Meet Being A Woman ・14.09.2020

Being a woman holds so many stories. Just like a diamond, so many facets. We are story tellers, passing down the knowledge that our mothers taught us and their mothers taught them. We are lovers. We are friends. We are sometimes mothers, and sometimes not. We hold secrets, and we hold t... Read More

Meet Shantae: Surviving COVID-19 ・24.08.2020

Meet Shantae Wright, and hear how her entire family of 4 survived Coronavirus. Listen to her share her story, her symptoms, and her family's recovery.

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Meet Instagram: Beat the Algorithm and Grow ・17.08.2020

Instagram. Like most social media, You either love it or you hate it. What if I told you I have tricks and tips that can help you beat the algorithm, gain followers, and improve your engagement? Let’s take a dive into what makes Instagram tick.

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Meet Jennifer Maker: From Pennies to Building a Million Dollar Company ・27.07.2020

Jennifer Maker works day and night to inspire those around her. Take a listen and hear about her journey, how she got started, and some of the amazing business tips she gives.

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Meet Burnout ・13.07.2020

At some point in your creative career, you’re going to experience burnout. I think it’s important than you know it’s normal, and it doesn’t mean you're failing. Burnout is common, and it’s real. It casts false shadows that you’re not good at what you do, that you don't find happiness in... Read More

UPDATES ・08.07.2020

Here are some important updates for the show! (Hey- did you notice the logo change, too?! A HUGE thank you to Alli Koch

The website is LIVE! You can now view Show Notes for all podcasts, and they will be live with each show. I'll also be providin... Read More

Meet Balance: Life, Kids, and Everything In Between ・29.06.2020

Balancing life with work, kids, social life, partnerships.. it's hard. So how do you do it? Join me as we walk through a little day to day of my own, and how I try to manage it all.

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Meet Bruce Jackson: Having the Hard Conversations ・22.06.2020

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I use my platforms to speak for those that feel they have no voice. Shattering stigmas around mental health, anxiety and depression, and body image. I have never been known to be an activist, but an advocate.
In the recent weeks, ... Read More

Meet Kim: Building a Business From the Ground Up, Even While Battling Mental Illness. ・15.06.2020

This episode I’m going to introduce you to Kim, from Sweet Red Poppy. She’s an amazing woman with a dark history that wears a constant smile on her face. She built her business from the group up, all while taking care of 3 children under 3. Let's hear Kim’s story.

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Meet Your Body: Accepting the Mirror's Reflection ・08.06.2020

I recently took a poll in my patron group. The question was, have you ever struggled with your body image or loving your body? 
100% answered yes. 100% of almost 500 people that participated said yes, they have struggled to accept their body. 
Here’s the thing. I have existed in small, ... Read More

Meet Brittany: A Story of Triumph Over Drug Addiction ・01.06.2020

Meet Brittany. A woman that went from a heroin addition, to an aspiring book author and mother. Join me as she takes us from her rock bottom, to where she is now, at her Manager Position at Cricut. 
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Meet Your Maker ・29.05.2020

You guys knows me as Holli Mostella, content creator. With this platform, i want to show you what it’s like behind the craft room doors. To bring in people that inspire me, and to have a place where my voice can be heard.

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Welcome To Beyond Crafting ・27.05.2020

Hello and welcome to Beyond Crafting, a brand new podcast where I hope to help you create your most inspired life. Where I hope to encourage you in and outside of the craft room.. or if you are like me for many years, at the kitchen table. 
This is a place where I hope to uplift, and in... Read More