CRICUT: Flip the Script

This week on Beyond Crafting we are flipping the script! In honor of World Mental Health Day, Yours Truly is in the hot seat as Cricut's own Lansia Wann sits down with me to dive deep into good, vulnerable conversation surrounding mental health awareness + crafting.  In this episode you'll get a better glimpse into my story -- my battle with mental health, how I use my platform to spread awareness + hope, and how a Cricut maker saved my life. Here are some highlights from this episode you don't want to miss: - How CRICUT is bringing more + more awareness to mental health  - How I rebounded after failing nursing school + found my true passion in crafting - How I found CRICUT and how it ultimately saved my life - How my parents responded to me taking a more unconventional career path - How I find light in the darkness of mental health struggles + so much more.  If you have a mental health story you would like to share + potentially have posted on Cricut's blog, email or get in touch via their socials @cricut on Instagram and  You can check out the article I did with Cricut on their blog. Read it here.  As always, I love to hear from you. If you ever need someone to reach out to about your mental health struggles or really anything, connect with me @hollimostella on Instagram.  You got this, sis  xo, Holli Support the show (


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