Episode 04: A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Younger Self… “Believe in yourself. No one else will as much as you can.” “If you get a credit card, get only one. Only use it for what you can pay for that month and pay it off at the end of each month.” “It's normal to feel anxious sometimes, but when it's too much to handle, don't be afraid to ask for help.” “Follow your dreams and passions, not everyone or anyone else's.” “Everything truly does happen when it's meant to happen. The journey may not be easy, but it's worth it in the end.”  “The worst you let someone treat you is the best they're ever going to treat you.”  “You're going to wish that you were this fat in 10 to 15 years.” “Figure out the things that make you the happiest in life. Give yourself a few of those things daily. This promotes self-love.” “Set healthy boundaries and don't be afraid to keep them. If I would have done this earlier, I would be a lot healthier mentally.” “Don't be afraid to be the weird friend or the outspoken friend. You'll have more fun if you just embrace it. And don't worry about what other people think so much.” “Always wear the sunscreen. Tans will fade. Wrinkles are forever.” “Stop comparing yourself. You are enough.” “Your struggles do not define you. You will hurt. You will struggle, but you will heal. The days will seem endless, but the sun will always set and rise again, just as you do.” “Laugh, encourage others, build a community so that if you cannot stand, they will be there to catch you.”  “For the love of God, do not cut your bangs yourself.” Love,  Me Support the show (http://patreon.com/hollimostella)


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