Brett Kern

Recorded: June 16, 2020 On this week's episode, Tennessee Titans punter and 3x Pro Bowler, Brett Kern joins The Boys on the bus for another high-energy pod! To begin the episode, Will brings up a year long beef he's had with Brett, Taylor points out the one thing lacking in Brett's game (and rolls out an elaborate plan for how to fix it), and all of The Boys take a look back at Brett's not-so-great fake field goal attempt against Tampa Bay in 2019 Next up, Brett opens up about his undefeated Pro Bowl streak, his golf game (he's a scratch golfer, NBD), how he ended up in Tennessee, how he handled parenting in quarantine, and the real reason why he decided to come on BWTB before another popular podcast that focuses on punters... Lot of funny behind the scenes stories and locker room talk in this one! Subscribe/Rate/Review Enjoy! ----- SHOP: FOLLOW THE BOYS Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Website:


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