Dillon's Christmas Tree & Human Steaks

A breakdown of Dillon's Christmas Tree Rating System, the old man who saved a puppy from an alligator in Florida, human-grown steaks, Greg Norman's racy Instagram post, and Brett's Breaking News. Support us on Patreon and receive weekly episodes for as low $5 per month: www.patreon.com/circlingbackpodcast (0:00) Fun & Easy Banter (14:30) Recapping This Weekend in Fun (28:31) Dillon’s Christmas Tree Rating System (41:38) Old Man Saves Puppy From Gator (53:40) Human-Grown Steaks (58:08) Greg Norman’s Hammer Butcher Box: www.butcherbox.com/circlingback (SIX free grass-fed steaks) Poncho: www.ponchooutdoors.com (CIRCLINGBACKGIFT for free hat or t-shirt with outdoor shirt purchase) Headspace: www.headspace.com/circling (FREE month trial) Raycon: www.buyraycon.com/steam (20% off)


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