Commit Or Quit

What do you do when you’re stuck at home in self-quarantine and have a lot more free time on your hands? You find something good to watch, of course. Join K-pop singer and personality Eric Nam, along with his brothers Eddie Nam and Brian Nam, as the three watch and review popular K-dramas, TV shows, and films. Except, there’s one caveat: They must discuss and debate whether to continue watching after only sampling the beginning of a TV series or film. In short: Do they COMMIT or QUIT? Tune in for your weekly dose of Nam Brothers mayhem plus some great TV and movie recs. Patreon members receive special perks like ad-free listening! To learn more, visit Connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok @thedivestudios for more life-changing content. We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can:  For advertising opportunities please email    Privacy Policy:

Season Finale with Eric Nam, Eddie Nam, and Brian Nam ・11.09.2020

Eric, Eddie, and Brian are back for the final episode of Commit or Quit Season 1! Will the Nam brothers commit to a Season 2? Tune in to find out!

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‘Snowpiercer’ with Eric Nam, Brian Nam, and Diane Kang ・04.09.2020

Eric, Brian, and DIVE Studios’ producer Diane Kang are here to dissect TNT’s ‘Snowpiercer’ (based on Bong Joon Ho’s 2013 film of the same name). Does this TV series do the original story justice? How does it compare to Director Bong’s masterpiece? And what do cruises have to do with all... Read More

‘Watchmen’ with Alexander Hodge, Eric Nam, and Eddie Nam ・28.08.2020

Actor Alexander Hodge, best known for his role as Andrew Tan on ‘Insecure,’ joins Eric and Eddie to dissect HBO’s Emmy-nominated series ‘Watchmen.’ Find out why this show is so timely and what you can take away from sampling the first two episodes of Damon Lindelof’s masterful, action-p... Read More

‘The Good Place’ with Eddie Nam and Brittany Nam ・21.08.2020

This week, Eddie and his wife Brittany take over to discuss “The Good Place” and the possibility of an afterlife. Find out more about this hit metaphysical sitcom and why Eddie believes he and Brittany are soulmates.

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Introducing 'How Did I Get Here? w/ Jae and AleXa' ・11.08.2020

Jae is finally back! And not only that, AleXa (알렉사) has officially joined as a co-host of the show! Jae & AleXa will discuss a variety of mind-blowing topics and share with you their findings together. Subscribe now:

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‘Attack on Titan’ with Manny Jacinto, Eric Nam, and Eddie Nam ・07.08.2020

The Good Place’s Manny Jacinto joins Eric and Eddie to discuss “Attack on Titan,” the Jabbawockeez, Tom Cruise, and more. Tune in for the first discussion of an anime series on Commit or Quit!

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‘Train to Busan’ with Eric Nam, Eddie Nam, and Brian Nam ・30.07.2020

The Nam brothers reunite! Join Eric, Eddie, and Brian as they dissect “Train to Busan,” South Korea’s first zombie blockbuster! What makes this action-horror flick different from World War Z or Zombieland? How would the Nams fare in a zombie apocalypse? Find out in this week’s episode o... Read More

‘When the Camellia Blooms’ with Eric Nam and Eddie Nam ・24.07.2020

Eric and Eddie are here to discuss ‘When the Camellia Blooms,’ the record-breaking K-drama of 2019! Will the Nams commit to this rom-com/thriller involving a single mother, lovestruck policeman, and a mysterious killer? Tune in to find out!

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‘Love Alarm’ with Eric Nam and Eddie Nam ・17.07.2020

Question! If your love life was pre-determined by a mobile app, would you download it? This time, Eric and Eddie Nam dissect the Netflix K-drama “Love Alarm,” talk dating, and get deep about their personal experiences with love.

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Introducing 'GET REAL with Peniel, BM, and Ashley Choi' ・13.07.2020

Idols by day and podcast hosts by night Peniel (of BTOB), BM (of KARD), and Ashley Choi are here to GET REAL. This show is a place for these close friends to open up about all the ups and downs of work, love, and adulthood from their perspective. 

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‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ with Eric Nam and Eddie Nam ・10.07.2020

Welcome back! Eric and Eddie Nam discuss the new Netflix K-drama “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,” actor Kim Soo Hyun’s return to the small screen, and the interconnected backstories of the characters on the show.

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‘My Sassy Girl’ with Ronny Chieng, Eric Nam, and Eddie Nam ・03.07.2020

Comedian, actor, and Daily Show correspondent Ronny Chieng is here to discuss and defend South Korean rom-com ‘My Sassy Girl.’ Find out more about this classic film, its impact on “Hallyu” (aka the Korean Wave), and Ronny’s thoughts on what makes this rom-com so great. Get ready for the... Read More

‘Extracurricular’ with Eric Nam, Eddie Nam, and Brian Nam ・26.06.2020

The Nam Brothers return to discuss Netflix Original crime drama series Extracurricular. How is the show different from other recent K-dramas? Does the story depict teenage struggles in an authentic way? Find out more in this week’s episode of Commit or Quit!

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‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ with Eric Nam, Eddie Nam, and Brian Nam ・19.06.2020

Today’s show is all about fantasy series The King: Eternal Monarch! Join the Nams as they tackle questions such as why are people obsessed with the Royals? Do parallel universes exist? What if we all had doppelgangers? Tune in for another life-changing episode of Commit or Quit!

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‘Insecure’ with Phoebe Robinson, Eric Nam, and Eddie Nam ・12.06.2020

Stand-up comedian and dope queen Phoebe Robinson joined us last month to discuss the HBO series Insecure! Tune in for a discussion on the black female experience, identity crises, turning 30, and dating in the digital age. Don’t miss Phoebe’s hilarious anecdotes and sage advice!

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‘The Half of It’ with Jon M. Chu, Eric Nam, and Eddie Nam ・29.05.2020

Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu is here to talk about Netflix’s The Half of It! Tune in for an enriching discussion on love, friendship, the immigrant experience, and so much more. Jon also weighs in on Asian American representation in Hollywood and shares his biggest tip for aspi... Read More

Introducing 'NONSENSIBLE with Sam and Dave' ・27.05.2020

Sam & Dave invite a couple of their friends along with the listeners to discuss and debate the quandaries that shape our lives: from the small but significant (is over or under the best way to roll toilet paper?) to the more pressing matters (how is it raising kids in the age of COVID-1... Read More

‘Black Mirror’ with Simu Liu, Eric Nam, and Eddie Nam ・22.05.2020

Actor Simu Liu (Kim’s Convenience, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings) joins us today to talk about the sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror. Which two episodes does Simu recommend and why? Sit down with the guys as they discuss second chances, augmented reality, and Eric’s irrat... Read More

‘Hospital Playlist’ with Eric Nam, Eddie Nam, and Brian Nam ・15.05.2020

Eric, Eddie, and Brian Nam are back to review the hit Netflix series, Hospital Playlist! This slice-of-life K-drama follows the lives of five best friends working together as doctors at the same hospital. Do the Nams still hang out with their childhood friends? What are the qualities of... Read More

'The Last Dance’ with Randall Park, Eric Nam, and Eddie Nam ・08.05.2020

Actor, writer, and producer Randall Park joins Eric and Eddie to discuss The Last Dance—the sports documentary currently on everybody’s mind. Randall explains Michael Jordan’s GOAT status and why this documentary is a must-watch—even for those who aren’t sports fans.

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‘Better Call Saul’ with Harry Shum Jr., Eric Nam, and Eddie Nam ・01.05.2020

Shadowhunters, Glee, and Crazy Rich Asians star Harry Shum Jr. is on the podcast today to discuss the acclaimed TV series and Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul! Find out why Harry recommends this show and whether or not the Nams will commit or quit. Today’s topics include quaranti... Read More

‘Crash Landing On You’ with Leenda D, Eric Nam, and Eddie Nam ・24.04.2020

Welcome back! Join the Nams and Youtuber Leenda D as they review the K-drama Crash Landing on You. How accurate is this buzzworthy show’s portrayal of North Korea? Have the Nams and Leenda ever experienced culture shock? Can long-distance relationships work? These are just a few of the ... Read More

'SKY Castle' with Eric Nam, Eddie Nam, and Brian Nam ・17.04.2020

This week, the Nam brothers review SKY Castle, a drama series that examines the climate of the Korean education system through the stories of four upper-class families. To what lengths are these families willing to go in order to reach the top? Tune in as the Nams react to this record-b... Read More

‘Itaewon Class’ with Eric Nam, Eddie Nam, and Brian Nam ・10.04.2020

Welcome to the first episode of 'Commit or Quit?' Join singer/song-writer Eric Nam and his brothers as they discuss Itaewon Class, one of the most-talked about Korean dramas of 2020! It’s a show that challenges the social norms in South Korea and explores everything from mental health, ... Read More

'Tiger King' with Joon Lee, Eric Nam, and Eddie Nam ・10.04.2020

On this episode of ‘Commit or Quit’, The Nams and Joon Lee (@joonleecomedy) discuss Tiger King, the wildly popular documentary series that returns to Netflix with an eighth installment this Sunday, April 12th. If you’re a fan of true-crime and dramatic feuds, you’re in for a treat. Join... Read More