Laura Heck and Zach Brittle

Laura and Zach have a research-based approach to relationships. Join us in our conversation with them on red flags in marriages, if marriage is worth saving and what single people should be looking for in a spouse. We learned SO much and know you will too! Here are a few topics that we cover: 0:00 introduction 4:00 what is the Gottman Institute? 8:20 the most common piece of advice for couples 12:36 why is marriage worth saving? 15:45 advice for single people searching for a spouse 25:35 separating the identity of being parents vs being married 31:28 the four horsemen of the apocalypse 34:40 defensiveness 41:52 strategies for dealing with conflict 47:07 practicing emotional intelligence  1:03:03 importance of switching things up during a rut You can follow them on Instagram here ▶ The Gottman Institute’s website here ▶ ANDD....WE ARE GOING ON TOUR!! Check out the link below to see if we are coming to a city near you in 2022! Click here to get your tickets now ▶ We are sponsored by these companies that we love. Check them out below: SlingTV ▶ Go to to sign up now and get your first month for just $10!  Bite ▶ Go to or use code EASTFAM at checkout to get 20% off your first subscription order! If you haven’t yet, please rate Couple Things and subscribe to hear more. Follow us on Instagram to keep the conversation going at And if you have suggestions/recommendations for the show, send us your ideas in a video format – we might just choose yours! Email us at Subscribe for more! Follow My Instagram ▶ Like the Facebook page! ▶ Follow My Twitter ▶ Snapchat! ▶ @ShawneyJ Follow AndrewsTwitter ▶ Follow My Instagram ▶ Like the Facebook page! ▶ Snapchat! ▶ @AndrewDEast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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