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Cult Liter Podcast Host Spencer Henry brings the spooky every Monday. Each week we'll dive into a new story. Macabre history, true crime, and all things bizarre. 173 Episodes

The Cabin ・19.10.2021

Happy Monday Cult Babes! This week’s story is a doozy. On April 28th, 1955 a 14 year old girl was walking home from school in Berkeley, CA when she seemingly disappeared straight out of thin air. It wasn’t until 2 months later that a shocking discovery by a neighboring housewife that th... Read More

Trick or Deceit? ・12.10.2021

Trick or Treat Cult Babes. This week is a list episode where we’re discussing a few real-life instances of a decades old Halloween urban legend we all heard about as kids, from razor blades in apples to drug-filled chocolate bars. 

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Little Liter Ep-38 ・08.10.2021

TGIF BABES! This week’s little liter has some wild familial connections, sleep paralysis, and a moidah house! To submit your story for an upcoming little liter send that baby on over to

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Somebody's Watching Me ・06.10.2021

Cult Babes, imagine, you finally move into your dream home…but then an ominous letter arrives, and another, and another. You’re being watched. This was the reality for the family who moved into their ‘dream home’ at 657 Boulevard located in a New Jersey Suburb. 

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Little Liter Ep-37 ・01.10.2021

Happy Friday! ATTN: Next week’s Cult Liter will be up on Tuesday instead of Monday. Now that that’s out of the way, this week’s little liter has everything from UFO’s, an Amityville Connection, to a haunted prison morgue, and a dead neighbor, GUHBYE. 

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Jayne Mansfield & The Church of Satan ・27.09.2021

Happy Monday Cult Babes! This week my bff and co-host of Obitchuary Madison Reyes joins me as we discuss the tragic death of Jayne Mansfield. Madison takes us through Jayne’s ties to Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan and we take you through some mysterious tie-ins to today’s Hollywood... Read More

Little Liter Ep-36 ・24.09.2021

It’s Friday Cult Babes!!! Raise your hand if you felt personally attacked by Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This week’s little liter has a hitchhiker with daddy issues, a haunting Facebook live, and a story that made hotdog walk out of the room. If you have a story you’d like... Read More

Isolated ・21.09.2021

It’s Monday Cult Babes! And dare I say….things are getting spooky. In this week’s episode we’re talking about the terrifying reality of well,  being forgotten. We start with the story of Joyce Carol Vincent who remains somewhat of a mystery to this day, and then we’ll get into two eeril... Read More

Little Liter Ep-35 ・17.09.2021

Happy Friday babes! And happy 3 year anniversary?! Where has the time gonnnnnnnne. This week we’ve got it all from a moidah across the street, to a paranormal farmhouse, and a cult on campus! If you have a story you’d like read in an upcoming little liter send it on over to Spencer@cult... Read More

St. Aubin Street Massacre Part 2 ・14.09.2021

Cult Babes! This week in part 2 we’re covering the suspects connected to the St. Aubin Street Massacre, coming up with our theories on what happened, and then we’re getting into the horrifying aftermath, including another cult moidah! 

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