Extraordinary Excellence

We believe that every single day people who feel ordinary, who feel like just your Average Joe are doing things with excellence. They just don't see it that way! On this podcast, we hit the microphones with top performers, authors, influencers, moms, dads, husband, wives, and most importantly, we have people like you on. Some one who does things day in and day out with excellence, not perfection, excellence. Taking something that may seem significant, may seem huge, may not mean much at all to you but execute or press to do your best. That is who we host and who we want to hear from. Most people under estimate what they are doing and what they are capable of, but not YOU! That is why you are here, on this page. So get ready, it is GO TIME! 44 Episodes

Episode 52: For Goodness Cakes! Two Sisters Crushing the Dessert Game ・13.07.2021

What is up EOE Community!

On this episode, we speak with the legends of the dessert food truck game out on Eastern Long Island, NY, Syndey and Sam. This is a special two in one episode! We interviewed them twice to put this colab episode together for you all.

For Goodness Cakes is lit... Read More

Episode 51: Battling Chronic Illness - An Podcast Takeover! ・29.04.2021

Nicole and Darrien, long time contributors, bring you the first ever EOE take over. Nicole shares about the body blows of illness she has endured, and how that has helped her Overcome shame, rediscover her identity and find the joy in painful seasons. 
Nicole  talks about learning to be... Read More

Episode 50: Mike Signorelli (Round 2) - Changemakers! ・20.04.2021

He is back folks! Mike Signorelli is with our Co-Host, Anthony Spark, with another hard hitting episode.

The Changemakers Series we will interview people redefining culture, pioneering movements and sparking revolutions. The premise of this series is to break the inertia of what we al... Read More

Episode 49: Still Bantering, 1 Year Later ・14.04.2021

What is up EOE Community! We are back, like we never left, because we never actually left, with another episode for your ears!

We are officially 1 YEAR into the Extraordinary Excellence Podcast and it has been an incredible journey. This is our "Still Bantering, 1 Year Later" to go bac... Read More

Episode 48: Jen Waldman - Creative Thinker, Keynote Speaker for Simon Sinek ・06.04.2021

This weeks episode, hosted with the man himself, Anthony Spark, we have a legendary Creative, Jen Waldman! She believes that everyone has the ability to be creative, as she says on her site 'the jig is up",

Jen helps entrepreneurs,  thought leaders, business leader and many others iden... Read More

Episode 47: Jesse Barnett - Overcoming: Transforming Our Struggles Into Inspiration and Competitive Advantage ・29.03.2021

For this week’s episode, we got to spend some time with Jesse Barnett, a professional writer whose day job is helping people bring their message and their books to life. He’s the perfect guest to end our Overcoming series because he just released his own book called Soulcrushers: How to... Read More

Episode 46: Tommy Baker - Overcoming: Transforming Our Struggles Into Inspiration and Competitive Advantage ・22.03.2021

On this Episode we sit with Author, Coach, Speaker and fellow podcast host of The Resist Average Academy, Tommy Baker! 
Tommy shares his journey of what led him to where he is today, the importance of personal development, the “Myth of Clarity” and what a mentor relationship looks like.... Read More

Episode 45: Tom White - Overcoming: Transforming Our Struggles Into Inspiration and Competitive Advantage ・17.03.2021

Tom white is a fast friend of mine,  and a truly brilliant individual. He is now running research behind the scenes for one of the biggest clubhouse clubs who recently featured Marc Zuckerbeg and Elon Musk. 
From Tomwhitenoise.com
My name is Tom.
During my days, I write, consult, pray, ... Read More

Episode 44: Chris Singleton - Overcoming: Transforming Our Struggles Into Inspiration and Competitive Advantage ・08.03.2021

"Chris Singleton is a former professional baseball player in the Chicago Cubs organization as well as an inspirational speaker who has traveled the country passionately speaking to over 60,000 students. Chris has also spread his message through various different media outlets and has be... Read More

Episode 43: Coach Kevin Nahai- Overcoming: Transforming Our Struggles Into Inspiration and Competitive Advantage ・01.03.2021

In the first episode of our “Overcoming” Series, Kevin Nahai a successful coach and guide talks about building Self Esteem, Thriving in Dating, Overcoming Eating Disorders/ Addictions and so much more. For inspiration and tangible tools to improve your life - check out this episode.

Tu... Read More


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