Good Money with Derrick Kinney

You deserve to have the tools to earn more, save more, and use your money to make a difference in the world—and the Good Money Podcast places those tools in your hands. Host Derrick Kinney believes money is not bad and good people should have more of it. After powerfully applying these principles in his own business and with countless clients, Kinney recently sold his multi-million dollar business to teach these principles full-time. With the Good Money Podcast, you’ll get practical money and business advice, learn why it pays to be generous and see why money is not bad and you should have (a lot) more of it. Welcome to the Good Money Community. Our revolution is just beginning. 67 Episodes

Liz Bohannon—Could Your Business Be the Best Way to Change the World? ・18.10.2021

Ready to take step one to launching your business idea or dream? 
If you want to impact the world, Liz Bohannon says to start a business, not a non-profit. As CEO of Sseko Designs, an international fashion brand, and author of the bestselling book, Beginner’s Pluck, Liz brings the t... Read More

Greg McKeown—Why Burnout Is Not a Badge of Honor ・11.10.2021

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What if the hardest, most challenging things you do could be easy? Even fun? My guest Greg McKeown says there is a way and he’s here to share his proven secrets with you. Easy isn’t lazy—it’s actually sma... Read More

Mel Robbins—Can a High 5 Really Change Your Money and Your Life? ・04.10.2021

From being $800,000 in debt to creating an almost too simple habit that is changing the lives of millions, Mel Robbins brings the HEAT today. 
Mel shares the simple secret to stop spending money on things you don’t need, how to get paid more, and the exact steps to create a morning rou... Read More

Mike Erwin—Your Secret Weapon to Earning More Money: Solitude ・27.09.2021

My guest today is talking about a topic we’ve never touched on Good Money before: solitude. Now before you start rolling your eyes thinking of a 7 day silence retreat or taking yoga classes like Aunt Betty, this is absolutely not that kind of solitude.
As an intelligence officer in ... Read More

Mindy Jensen—Little Known Real Estate Investing Secrets ・20.09.2021

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If you’re wondering if the real estate market is right for you, my guest Mindy Jensen, breaks it down. Mindy shares how to know if it’s time to buy, if you’re overpaying, and... Read More

Tanya Dalton—How a $45,000 Mistake Built a Multi-Million Dollar Business ・13.09.2021

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Today’s guest used a $45,000 mistake to build a 7-figure business. As the mastermind CEO behind inkWELL Press, productivity expert and bestsellin... Read More

Annie Dickerson—The Magic of Real Estate Passive Income ・06.09.2021

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Have you ever wanted to make money in your sleep? If the answer’s yes, there’s a magical term you need to learn: passive income. And owning real estate is one of the best ways to st... Read More

Your Favorite Guests Talk Good Money ・30.08.2021

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It feels like we’re celebrating Christmas in August! Today we’re bringing you some of the “Best of Good Money.” Our four guests today are Bola ... Read More

Dave Hollis—How Imposter Syndrome Is Keeping You from Making Money ・23.08.2021

Dave Hollis isn’t playing around today. At the height of his career as a Disney executive, Dave found himself unhappy, unfulfilled, and handcuffed to a career that wasn’t aligned with his goals. He realized something important: he had climbed the ladder to someone else’s idea of success... Read More

Jay Fantom—How to Use Rejection to Fuel You Forward ・16.08.2021

Jay Fantom explains how four near-death experiences have shaped his life and led to the start of his popular podcast. He shares the simple money advice he received from his grandfather that keeps him financially grounded. If you’re feeling discouraged in your business or your personal l... Read More


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