Grumpy Old Geeks

A no-holds-barred show about the Internet and how it's affecting our lives for good or bad. Hosts Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister have over 40 years of online experience and aren't afraid to tell it like it is. 487 Episodes

The 34 Days of Christmas ・25.11.2020

We give, it's Christmastime; how's that crypto going, bro; Apple lowers their app store cut; Buzzfeed acquires HuffPo because…?; Facebook's on the face; Comcast data caps; its a mess at the FCC & FTC; Facebook, Twitter face content moderation problems; adios, Arecibo; RadioShack in... Read More

Space Karen ・18.11.2020

Pick your machine learning bias; TikTok ban forgotten; DoorDash taking the money & dashing; Uber selling off self-driving unit; Airbnb has some bigots; Austria wants to censor worldwide; another day, another Google fine; Zoomsgiving; Dave's bum is fine; yes, your computer phones home; B... Read More

What is “”? ・12.11.2020

Canadian complaints; the never ending election; if I only had a brain; Uber, Lyft & DoorDash lie to buy their law, make millions; EU hits Amazon with antitrust charge; AI cracks PDEs; Eric Schmidt moves to Cyprus; fast radio bursts; Silk Road's bitcoin; Furry Season Landscaping; Carfax ... Read More

Choose Wisely ・04.11.2020

It's election day, let's just lie on the floor & scream together; Twitter explains how they will handle results; CISA says everything is going ok (from external threats, anyway); more cyberattacks against hospitals; Zoom adds end-to-end encryption; diving deep with the Mandalorian; Joe ... Read More

18.09 Scaramuccis ・28.10.2020

Quibi is toast, Scaramuccis galore, Wisconsin gets Foxconned, Tesla lies about self-driving tech, Police can read your phone, Twitter probably not hacked, creepy video bro's don't get fired, Animaniacs and Supermarket Sweep are back, Ghostbusters delayed, James Bond is homeless, Photosh... Read More

BeelzeYeezy ・21.10.2020

TikTok's back (in Pakistan); China's law fighting addiction in kids; living with influencers; Instagram EU probe; about Biden's hard drive; Facebook really quashing left-leaning stories; relocating while working remotely & your salary; YouTube fighting conspiracy theories, again; BA hit... Read More

Good to the Last Click ・15.10.2020

Aging Millennials embracing Folgers; Prime Day ridiculousness; a dip into COVID corner; Facebook bans Holocaust-denial content, finally; Quibi has no takers; Disney focuses on streaming; Yelp takes a stand against racism; phantom images fool autopilots; keeping e-scooters off sidewalks;... Read More

XLS Extreme! ・12.10.2020

Show news; Raised by Wolves; Pixar releasing new movie on Disney+; podcast unions; Facebook, Twitter play whack-a-mole with bad actors; Twitter's different rules for Trump; Amazon's Rivian electric vans; Waymo driverless rides in Phoenix; UK's Excel problem; Pantone, period; Google shar... Read More

This is Triller, Triller Night ・08.10.2020

A Stairway to lawyers; Triller's suspect statistics; Instagram labeling state-controlled media; frickin' laser beams taking down drones; Ted Lasso; Enola Holmes; West Wing special; movie industry learned nothing from the music industry; Dune, the Batman and Bond all pushed back; the Go ... Read More

Pickle Me Elmo ・01.10.2020

It's been a week; no self-driving cars anytime soon, shoooocking; Google & Fitbit deal with the EU; Hold For Me; Whole Foods employees angry at Amazon workers; cussing Parrots; Amazon's Utopia; Deep Questions with Cal Newport; Tehran; Borat's back; Hackers Part Deux; The Last Dance; RIP... Read More

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