Grumpy Old Geeks

A no-holds-barred show about the Internet and how it's affecting our lives for good or bad. Hosts Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister have over 40 years of online experience and aren't afraid to tell it like it is.

In Over Their Cleggs ・13.10.2021

Toxic environments on the Enterprise; FB & IG, down again; Instagram wants teens to "take a break" but not sure how; Nick Clegg's vacant words; Magic Leap is back & raking in the cash; Twitch leak reveals full source code, financial data; you oughta get in twitching; celebrity crypto sh... Read More

I’m On a Boat! ・06.10.2021

Oh, Facebook; the things we knew we now know we know and they knew too; AI reckoning; long dark 6 hours of Facebook's soul; Trump sues to get back on Twitter; lip service to climate change from Big Tech; raining drones; the Problem with the Problem with Jon Stewart; Foundation; Ted Lass... Read More

Scripted Stupid ・29.09.2021

Deepmind doesn't know how to fix AI; virtual staging; White Claw Surge; crypto unaffected by China news; Instagram for Kids, paused; Samsung's brain; Apple Wallet & vax cards; ravens attacking drones; Shatner in spaaaaccee; Imagineering Story; Sex Ed season 3; the Great Escapists; Found... Read More

More Buggy and Less Stable ・22.09.2021

Send us your Satoshis; bitcoin, Pizza and a movie; eggs in space; yep, Facebook is still awful; Rivian announces subscriptions; Bytedance limiting kids to 40 minutes a day; Amazon cracks down on review fraud; AI generated influencers; Count Me In; Into the Night; The Card Counter; Old; ... Read More

Ray Banned ・15.09.2021

Jason considers the gig economy; more billionaires in spaaace; SEC looks to regulate crypto; Wal-Mart pump and dump; Apple ruled to ease App store rules; robot waiters; Facebook gives misinformation to misinformation researchers; Tesla rolls out self driving BETA; losing history to Flas... Read More

Beans! ・08.09.2021

That missing Cure track; Apple walks back iPhone image scanning, to add Driver's Licenses to Wallet; Moscow subway facial recognition; WhatsApp fined; Facebook apologies for racist AI; Virgin Galactic off-course; ISS is cracked; Gen-Z developing unexplained tics from social media, beans... Read More

You Can Be China ・01.09.2021

Get your GOG NFTs; Telsa Autopilot crashes...again; the iPhone is a Freshman in high school now; constant cookie warnings ending; Apple "agrees" to legally required App store changes; Instagram wants your birthdate; China slashes gaming time for kids; Clubhouse grasping at straws; The G... Read More

Can Someone Loan Me a Toddler? ・25.08.2021

Back to Windows; Mr. White Hat returns the stolen crypto; Elon jokes about Tesla Autopilot failures; California gig worker initiative unconstitutional; Facebook admits misleading COVID info is top performing content; purge your Tweets, people; Netflix gets clickbaity; the Hustler; Grace... Read More

Eternal September of the Nerd Only Internet ・18.08.2021

Back in the (Canadian) saddle; the metaverse has already peaked; tech expat troubles; Facebook is really just truly awful; AI diagnosing dementia; Motorola wants to be Apple; Making the Cut; Suicide Squad; Shazam; the Ms. Pat Show; Pig; White Lotus; Disney nostalgia; bye, Hallo; right t... Read More

You Know, for Kids! ・11.08.2021

Eric Hunley joins us; Big fines for big tech; Amazon laughs at labor laws; Influencers are falling over each other to get the shot; The Metaverse is a Meta-Dud; Facebook hates research; Apple says it's doing it for the kids; SetApp and new apps; Sennheiser saves the day; Value 4 Value a... Read More

Says the Billionaire... ・28.07.2021

Here we COVID again; FAA rules for being an astronaut; YouTuber's blow anti-tax plot; genetic screening promises; FTC approves right-to-repair; Snapchat doing well; Facebook to become a quasi-religious meta-verse, whatever that is; Jack Dorsey wants BitCoin to make him money, oh sorry, ... Read More

Bro Code ・21.07.2021

The COVID misinformation dozen; Facebook's Anti-Vax problem; society's collapse, right on schedule; Japan breaks internet speed record; Uber gets away with it, again; robot collisions; don't let a startup scan your eyeballs; Spotify are pirates; Loki; deepfaked Bourdain; Ape marathon; H... Read More

The Carmen Sandiego Line ・14.07.2021

We hear from Norway; billionaires in the... upper atmosphere? Just pay your taxes; Biden's Big Tech executive order; Trump's lawsuit has a problem...the law; Facebook owns a city; remote workers aren't leaving cities; TikTok meets LinkedIn; YouTube algorithm recommends policy violating ... Read More

Fury Road ・07.07.2021

Moving anxiety; WWW NFT with broken code; Billionaires in sppppaccccee; Facebook warns users about content it serves them; GitHub AI coder; TikTok selling its AI; FTC tells Broadcom to knock it off; crypto pump & dumps; Robinhood's real customers; Star Wars: Rebels; Bosch; the Mole; Hea... Read More

It Has a Hole! ・30.06.2021

Your class-action duty; more Bitcoin exchange disappearances; Facebook may be evil but it isn't a monopoly; words matter; ethical investing; medical algorithms unsurprisingly getting it wrong; your health data is being sold, but hey, it's de-identified; Amazon buys Wickr; everyone wants... Read More

Amazon Baby Farms ・23.06.2021

Road tripping a very re-opened California; crypto & NFT drops; Facebook launches Live Audio Rooms, Clubhouse adds DMs, they all start to morph together; Google seeks to stop slander; Google AI/ML/AI/ML; Amazon worries about running out of workers to exploit; introducing Amazon Sub-Prime... Read More

Delightfully Evil Algorithm ・09.06.2021

Apple WWDC; NFT market collapsed; Clubhouse shark-fin; Stack Overflow gets a buyer; Twitter's geo-political problems; Facebook ends special treatment for politicians; G7 moves to shut down tax havens; Bezos takes flight; Facebook rolls out Bulletin, which is not them but is; Apple emplo... Read More

Johnny Moronic ・02.06.2021

Amazon Sidewalk launching; Twitter unsurprisingly pauses verification program; invisible sculptures & fake NFT markets; AI takes on disinformation; Tweet labels based on how wrong you are; Lemonade's bad week on Twitter; WhatsApp backtracks; Venmo to provide some privacy controls; Googl... Read More

PanoptiCondo ・26.05.2021

Apple vs Epic; Twitter's verification is back; Chia valuation & IPO; divesting Facebook; a lighthearted look at NFT headlines; US telecoms face no consequences for ripping off the government; Google AI centerpiece of I/O; Virgin Galactic completes flight; streaming Glasto; Gary Numan; t... Read More

DoppelBittner ・19.05.2021

No free lunches with cryptocurrency; DMV probing Tesla because words matter; Facebook toxic content moderators offered wellness coaches; YouTube Kids problem with autoplay; get ready for in-car ads; Waymo gets confused by construction; WarnerMedia and Discovery merger; Gates McFadden & ... Read More

Category 5 Super-Karen ・12.05.2021

Wait, Uber & Lyft's model doesn't work?; layers upon layers of copyright infringement in NFT; Lord Musk of the Doge-dorks; DOGE-1 to the Moon; Signal makes some honest ads, Facebook not a fan; Twitter puts a pause on mean replies; pay your airbag subscriptions; internet harassment; the ... Read More

Hammin’ It Up ・05.05.2021

May the 4th; Chia plotting; Facebook Oversight Board; Florida bill will fine social media for banning politicians; Elon vs Bezos; gig workers; NFT news; fungible houses; Epic vs Apple; Verizon sells AOL & Yahoo at bargain prices; EU proposed AI laws; Ted Lasso; Lovecraft Country; Godfat... Read More

Data Gone Bye ・28.04.2021

Kalanick's Temple of Bros; self-driving divisions sold off; chia-bros; Elon being Elon; Tesla's ass-detecting technology; words matter, it's not an autopilot; Hyundai invests in Ottopia, people AI; Turkish crypto founder feels with $2 bn; people like drone deliveries; Facebook is a Bitc... Read More

Grumpy Stuff ・14.04.2021

Corona kills trust; Uber's back; programming errors; Tesla's crypto stock, 5 year olds are in charge; Google's Project Bernanke; Twitch will act on off-platform offenses; Facebook's Hotline; Pinterest creates a Creator Fund; Thiel on Bitcoin; China hits Alibaba with antitrust fine; Code... Read More

Deliver-oh-no! ・07.04.2021

It's not AI; NFT price crash; don't forget those taxes; Chrome was a memory hog; Deliveroo crashes in London IPO; bad April Fool's jokes by Deliveroo & Volts, I mean Volkswagen; Supreme Court rules in favor of Google over Oracle; Amazon, Google returning to offices; 23andMe's SPAC; John... Read More