Grumpy Old Geeks

A no-holds-barred show about the Internet and how it's affecting our lives for good or bad. Hosts Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister have over 40 years of online experience and aren't afraid to tell it like it is.

265: 5 Easy Ways To Keep Facebook from Listening To You ・25.06.2018

Yes, that again; mea culpa advertising; distracted parenting & gaming disorders; Amazon Show & Buttons; browser battles; the cyclical Internet; Hypernormalisation; Moviepass, hold my beer; a win for privacy; filtering AI out; we really do care. Show notes at

264: Now with Extra Italy ・18.06.2018

Sherlock Escapes; Bird/Weed Connection; Net Neutrality is DEAD; FBI get the goods; Shatner and IBM go blockchain; Star Trek VR; Bunkers are bad; China hates monkeys; Google can't translate rules judge; Smart water bottles are back. Show notes at

263: Bird Flu Epidemics ・11.06.2018

Scooters spreading; Sherlock, hero; RIP Bourdain; browser swapping; streaming scandals; Facebook data trending; declining crypto-crap; Buzzfeed pivots; Apple WWDC; Riverhead holo-phones; VR doilies; revisionist memories; Scalzi; an incomplete list of bunk. Show notes at

262: Domin-Uh-Ohs ・05.06.2018

Really bad pizza; Pinterest; teens abandoning Facebook, really; Expanse, saved; 5 types of Alexa users; Jet-black; Common Sense; Roseanne's Twitter; Letterman; Evil Genius; the Americans; Goldfrapp & Gorillaz; the Bleak State; Google's Do A Little Bit of Evil, Solo! Show notes at

261: Money For Nothing ・31.05.2018

We've updated our Privacy Policy; GDPR; tech & defense; scooter madness; internet ghost towns; Uber profits; ICO scams; break up Facebook; the Expanse, saved; Vevo, dead; phone security; facial recognition for fun & profit; Alexa, open the pod bay doors. Show notes at

260: A Laurel and Hardy Handshake ・21.05.2018

Google faked AI? More scooters, bikes; Net Neutrality; are you really the product; Bitcoin energy use; SEC fakes ICO; Alexa development; holographic blockchain phones; the Expanse; AI songwriting; YouTube; keys to the cyber; phone location tracking. Show notes at

259: All Your Blockchain Are Belong To Us ・14.05.2018

Customer non-service; nothing matters; robocalling, phone-scheduling overlords; Musk & Grimes; Facebook is just fine; Klout out; AI cones; sadness porn; exploiting voice assistants; Uber ignores people; drone swarms; android app oops; TaTaTuuuuuuie. Show notes at

258: Divestment Of Responsibility ・07.05.2018

A bird in the bush; personal investment; Spotify & the gym business model; Stories rising; Facebook's F8 Fate; BeyondMenu's brazen scam; pirate radio on YouTube; Facebook Watch; Palantir; robot assassins; your genome has been hacked; hotdog/not hotdog. Show notes at

257: Is AI Porn? ・30.04.2018

Our own Betteridge's Law; Facebook & Twitter's good news; YouTube drops more creators; the Internet is growing up; Bitcoin is a scam; Alexa game changers; disenfranchised franchises; the DNA police; tech task forces; more AI & ML; customer service bots. Show notes at

256: You Can Call Me AI ・21.04.2018

Live from Los Angeles; San Fran Scooter debacle; your customers are terrible; AI, AGI, ML & decision trees; Snap streaks; robot Ikea overlords; Apple Watch; the Expanse; Lost In Space; the Cure, Shirley Manson & the Scully Effect; mutant enzyme; eSwatini. Show notes at

255: Community Service ・16.04.2018

Our all Q&A episode as Jason heads back to Cali. We discuss the ethics of our trips to Sweden; encryption, VPNs & the right amount of paranoia; Spotify & labels; smart home devices; blockchain; WARNING: This episode may self-destruct, just like Facebook. Show notes at

254: Pedantic Fail ・09.04.2018

More Facebook fails; the Zuck Community drinking game; YouTube shooting; France goes AI; Google military projects; Phantom Auto; Virgin Galactic is back; Apple ditches Intel; put the camera down; RIP Meltdown; mini-podcasts; mapping music; data spills; mail drones. Show notes at

253: Too Little, Too Late ・02.04.2018

Too little, too late, Zuck, Wylie & Jack; Bird Wrangling; folding socks; you agreed to this; Trump vs Amazon; the Americans; X-Files; Ready Player Dumb; Vezt; Assange offline; Under Armor breach; privacy & death; oldest sites online; SpaceX; Marlon Bundo. Show notes at

252: Cluster Zuck ・26.03.2018

Uber has a body count; Zuckerberg has a crappy week; Kalanick goes slumlord; Opera gets better; Blockchain kiddie porn and tipping; Blue Compass review; Earworm Removal Machine; YouTube Hates Guns; Deliveroo on the Darkweb; Poop Emoji Retargeting. Show notes at

251: SpaceForce2000 ・19.03.2018

Rogue satellites; uplifting Musk; migrating Birds; AirBnB reality; YouTube & Wikipedia; Equifax CIO caught; Theranos fraud; Trim app; hodl the door; privacy review; citizen scores; Yahoo class-action; the Gall—Peters Projection; YouPic; RIP Hawking. Show notes at

250: Useful But Creepy ・12.03.2018

250 episodes of mild grump; not making $ w/ YouTube & Uber; fighting Birds; unintended consequences; baffling Snap; Bat Day; Netflix, rising; Dirty Coin; bad UI; Jessica Jones; the Cure; Moviepass tracking; Alexa laughing; the Narc Squad; Goop; the Cyber. Show notes at

249: Distributed Excel Spreadsheet ・05.03.2018

Blockchain, explained; more completely wrong headlines; rat race to the bottom; Spotify; social media rules; removing yourself from searches; adventures in PC land; ello, Vero; expensive cameras & bad bags; upcoming shows; DNA barcodes; predictive policing. Show notes at

248: Side Hustle ・26.02.2018

Uber & the gig economy; Airbnb cheats & Spotify swindles; FCC order; death of the web; Snapchat user revolt; the great Twitter purge; Facebook peaks; grim AI future; Youtube trending; Maps, quantified; reboots; GDPR; game malware; biohack; the Grump Boat. Show notes at

247: Thoughts and Prayers ・19.02.2018

Here we are, again; Doggie DNA; Apple glass accidents; cryptomining instead of ads; Magic Leap’s some amount of money; Amazon layoffs; Berlin bans Airbnb; facial analysis bias, informed consent & data ethics; Star Trek; Smashing Pumpkins; Mac viruses.

246: Ground Control to Grumpy Tom ・12.02.2018

Cars on Mars; Bird tweets; Deepfakes; Facebook flaws; Twitter & Snapchat fake news; paywalls; MoviePass math; Sodastream hacks; Blade Stunners; Solo & Jessica Jones; ID10T; data ethics; Minecraft mining; phishing tricks; magically delicious detergents. Show notes at

245: The Internet of Moisture ・05.02.2018

Hot humidifier talk; peak media saturation; cryptocurrency woes; dropping Facebook; Amazon, Apple earnings; follower factories; fake porn & Nic Cage; boring flamethrowers; Dr. Demento; Groundhog Day; Strava Island; cheeserolling; Lennny Skutniks; Smominru! Show notes at

244: So Proud of Me ・29.01.2018

A grandiose gabfest about data ethics; beer debts; blockchain consent; demonized smartphones; Amazon Go; Musk goes all in; Twitter trolls; Flicktime; baby, you're a bitcoin; Whopper neutrality; HomePod; babies on Roombas; Hide 'N Seek; Grumpy Cat; AIVD. Show notes at

243: Never Grow Old ・22.01.2018

Doggie DNA; Walmart, Apple & tax cuts; YouTube dumps small video producers; about those new Google & Facebook jobs; consensual ICO app; Electric Dreams; old music; Ned's Wonder; Twitter god mode; VR security; bad UI & sticky notes in Hawaii; RIP, Dolores. Show notes at

242: The Last S******e ・15.01.2018

We finally talk Last Jedi; Alexa & Spotify; the 2018 web; cryptocurrency bandwagons; Amazon's tax breaks; jacking Google bikes; Kodi trouble; new music; CES kids toys; Mac spyware; the return of Fancy Bear; Dunning-Kruger; Schnurzelpurzel; drunk droning. Show notes at

241: Very Stable Raw Geniuses ・08.01.2018

2018, hold my alt-right beer & raw water; robots & robocalls; cryptocurrencies; Magic Leap; Affinity & Xfinity; Live PD; Bright, Black Mirror, Lovesick & X-Files; drunk on a plane movie reviews; Meltdown & Spectre; Apple's oops; Clash Royale Clans. Show notes at