Grumpy Old Geeks

A no-holds-barred show about the Internet and how it's affecting our lives for good or bad. Hosts Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister have over 40 years of online experience and aren't afraid to tell it like it is.

The Best Tech Podcast of 2020 ・22.08.2020

It's true if we say it is; fact-checking is not censorship; Uber & Lyft get a temporary stay in California case; Uber covered up data breach; DoorDash launches grocery delivery; Facebook AI making MRI scans faster, finds Ryan Gosling everywhere; tweeting after death; most Americans thin... Read More

Rideshare Mythological Complex ・19.08.2020

Firenados, because why not; Epic & Apple battle it out; we're on Discord; defeat by Tweet; Uber & Lyft may shut down, may franchise; Google & Australian pay-for-news ruling; Facebook algorithm actively promotes Holocaust denial; Amazon facing anti-trust probes around the world; Oracle i... Read More

R'amen! ・15.08.2020

Owning copyright is key; Apple, Google vs Fortnite; Uber & Lyft lose lawsuit in California, threaten to leave; Amazon should be broken up; Big Tech tries to counter misinformation; boss & remote workers; McAfee's interesting mask; Anonymous; MTV's past; Capital One gets off cheap; Talks... Read More

Laser Power Condom ・12.08.2020

Declaring email bankruptcy & we attempt to get to feedback zero; Gates calls Microsoft's TikTok deal a poisoned chalice; looking back at Deep Space Nine; Lower Decks; Umbrella Academy 2; socially distanced concerts don't work; Daniel Ek hates music; Derek Sivers; no shoes, no pants, no ... Read More

Fyre Sale ・08.08.2020

Catching the Twitter hackers through Bitcoin; Trump orders TikTok, WeChat ban; Facebook finally takes down a misinformation post; Fyre merchandise sale; Jake Paul's misadventures; Levandowski sentenced to prison; Robocall lawyers leak; Canon ransomware attack; Intel leak; rethinking the... Read More

Pedestrians in the Sky ・01.08.2020

Congress grills Big Tech, much ado about nothing; Social Media misinformation mayhem & demon seed; Facebook trying to poach TikTok stars; Spotify back to pre-pandemic levels, still losing money; Universal makes deal with AMC for shortened theatrical release windows; Genderify is a joke;... Read More

Get Ready to Get Grumpy! ・29.07.2020

Kickstart your cybersecurity career, or just podcast; Twitter contractors make a game of accessing data; sports bubbles popping; Zuck off or Zuck it up; TikTok blocks QAnon hashtags; Google employees to continue working from home, going mad; a blast from the '90s; Comic-Con@Home trailer... Read More

Fearsome Turtle ・25.07.2020

Working from home, out the window; Facebook hurting people at scale; Amazon home robot; Twitter cracks down on QAnon crackpots; Slack mad at Microsoft; Snap revenue is up but losses down; Twitter confirms some DMs accessed in hack, over 1000 people had access to tools to aid hack; GEDMa... Read More

Grumpy Old Idiots ・22.07.2020

Disney joins Facebook ad boycott; revealing Emojis; Snapchat adds third party apps; Zoom fatigue, get over it; drive-in esports; companies make millions building unemployment websites that don't work; Coinbase blocked Twitter hackers; Uber sued to reveal algorithm; the Old Guard; John O... Read More

Visual Valium ・18.07.2020

Kayne surpasses a full Scaramouchie; Instagram rolling out TikTok competitor, shopping page; US surpasses China in app downloads; Calm app gets TV show; Netflix doing great during the pandemic, might be running out of subscribers; Peacock is here, already losing content; GigRev; that ep... Read More

McMarmot ・15.07.2020

Back in lockdown; AI is people; 2020, Bubonic plague, why not?; Coinbase selling blockchain analytics software; security whack-a-mole; divisions in Scrabble-land; older people & technology; Ubisoft gets "hands on"; Apple class-action lawsuit; security cams in San Fran; Pinterest needs m... Read More

Pennies From Jack ・11.07.2020

Jack dips his toes into Universal Basic Income; Facebook fails civil rights audit; Elon Musk says self-driving cars will happen this year; Walmart to launch Amazon competitor; Loon balloons; Quibi users quit; tech & pro sports; Palantir going public; metamucil & back problems; Clearview... Read More

Ye Olde Grim Reaper McReaperface ・08.07.2020

Influencers ignoring the pandemic, but hey, it's fried chicken day; USA exploring banning TikTok, other Chinese apps; some hot stock talk; John Smith's abandoned shopping carts; Ye Olde Pubby Mcdrunkface; cutting the cord, increasing the cost; the complicated mess of streaming; Muppets;... Read More

Knucklehead Behavior ・01.07.2020

Here comes the lockdown; you get a ban, and you get a ban, and you get a ban - India bans TikTok, other Chinese apps; Reddit bans 2,000 subreddits; Twitch bans Trump; YouTube bans alt-right figures; Facebook versus Natural News; deep fakes for good; dealing with racist terms in tech; As... Read More

Trust Deficit ・27.06.2020

Virtual doctor visits; re-opening disasters; stimulus checks for the dead; Facebook truth deficit; clearing out that embarrassing Netflix watch list; Reform Government Surveillance coalition; yes, it's a really bad bill; campaign apps; Apple's new privacy features, nutrition labels; bro... Read More

Nothing Burger ・24.06.2020

TikTok takes down Trump; DIY chair & fire alarm fixes; working at Pinterest is awful; Nextdoor removes the "Karen" button; Spotify testing interactive podcast ads; Flash is dead, really this time; Apple WWDC news; Blueleaks; the King of Staten Island; Tony Hawk Masterclass; Watchmen; a ... Read More

Tip of the Tunaberg ・20.06.2020

Not our finest hour; some good Coronavirus news; we finally know what line you can't cross with Zuckerberg; Google boots right wing sites from ad platform; Stop Hate for Profit targets Facebook; Twitter rolls out... audio tweets?; Jump exists Europe; Starlink ready for beta-testers; lis... Read More

Unplug Everything! ・17.06.2020

Legion of bugs mean a billion hackable IoT devices; United Airlines bumped out of NASDAQ by DocuSign; airport security theater; T-Mobile outage not huge DDoS, just incompetence; Germany contact tracing app; Facebook deplatforms anti-racists, thinking they're racists; Instagram to pull b... Read More

My God, It’s Full of Karens! ・14.06.2020

A farewell to COVID Corner; Apple takes on racial equity; IBM, Microsoft, Amazon halt facial recognition tech for police; Facebook chief diversity officer; disinformation mentors; Nextdoor has a Karen problem; Cox punishes neighborhood over one user; Stormtrooper news; Photoshop's new c... Read More

The Well Hath Runneth Dry ・11.06.2020

Covid Cases are, unsurprisingly, rising; Facebook browser redesign, more resignations; Uber leaves Levandowski out to dry; 75 year old provocateurs; police & your phone data; Michigan's MIDAS algorithmic touch; sensible content moderation plans; Twitch & music copyrights; the Media Cand... Read More

User Generated Incarceration ・06.06.2020

FBI asks for videos of violence during protests, gets videos of police; #BlackOutTuesday; Fiona Fauxtesting; Twitter, Snapchat & Facebook on Trump; where are our contact tracing apps; Zoom end-to-end encryption business model; bot detection tools; Bittner gets a Stormtrooper, sort of; a... Read More

Hello Dystopia! ・03.06.2020

So, yeah, we aren't gonna talk about that; yay, SpaceX & NASA; Facebook employees stage virtual walkout, roll out set-visibility-to-zero feature; Twitter continues to flag posts; Coronavirus is the new eggs; Microsoft lays off journalists, replaces them with AI; Uber destroys bikes & sc... Read More

Farewell Utopia ・30.05.2020

The tweet label heard around the world; social media executive orders; wherefore art thou, Zuck?; quarantine reunion shows; SpaceX take two; Magic Leap CEO out; Globe home-sharing takes a stand; Instagram sharing revenue, sort of; Palantir may leave California; Elon Musk is teflon; the ... Read More

White Claw Wall ・27.05.2020

Quarantine, tech & the third-quarter phenomenon; of course Facebook knew the algorithms were divisive; 44.2Tbps cables; NASA & SpaceX astronaut launch a go; stretching out wine & White Claw walls; Muppets & Fraggle Rock are back; Hotel Artemis; Into the Night; good ol' Huell Howser; Min... Read More

Furry Party Gonna be Awesome ・23.05.2020

Dreaming & FPGAs; Fitbit pivots; Apple & Google launch exposure notification API; no, we don't have 5G, AT&T; Netflix does subscribers a solid; WFH for Facebook, Shopify; Prime Day delay; podcasting news with Rogan, Call Her Daddy; family squabbles & GDPR; Hulu's new interface; scooters... Read More