Grumpy Old Geeks

A no-holds-barred show about the Internet and how it's affecting our lives for good or bad. Hosts Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister have over 40 years of online experience and aren't afraid to tell it like it is.

Precedented Times ・20.05.2020

Now more than ever, in these unprecedented times, DRINK; Giphy business plan; Square at home; no end point in sight; Uber layoffs; weaponizing social media for good; Fitbit comes a bit late to the ventilator game; DJI patent infringement; Untappd tracking; Matrix co-director slaps Ivank... Read More

Stormbittner ・16.05.2020

LUMI has landed; Uber masks; Twitter employees can work at home forever; Facebook settlement with moderators, censoring, buying Giphy; video games have record sales; Unreal Engine royalty-free; France gives social media sites an hour to remove illegal content; exhausting Zoom firings; D... Read More

Zuckerbergian Slip ・13.05.2020

Existential Me Time; Quibi & Katz; Facebook finally gets a Star Chamber; Libra lingers on; FCC ordered to release fake comments; arrest Musk; Stack Overflow furloughs; Influencers are just fine; micro- & teeny-tiny-influencers; monitoring at home & at work, ick; Slack ya later, alligato... Read More

That’s Quarantainment! ・07.05.2020

Science starting to come in on COVID-19; tracking apps voluntary, sort of; France goes their own way; Uber to require face masks, developing "technology"; May Day strikes get attention; Amazon VP quits in disgust; Quarantainment from Westworld, Devs, Marc Maron, Upload, Hollywood, Homel... Read More

COVID19-84 ・02.05.2020

Corona-zombies; I need a haircut; Allostatic load aka brain all dumb now; Lime, Lyft stopping operations; if our leaders don't follow rules, why should we; we're all getting a little antsy; losing friends over social distancing; WTF, Musk; #Maythe4th; feelings check in & McRibs; contact... Read More

Pandemic Brain ・29.04.2020

Drink-up wrap-up; Stanford antibody study; Deepfakes have been floated; Facebook's latest ripoff; Tesla stop sign navigation; Amazon's self-serving algorithm; Westworld; Goonies never say die; SNL getting better; Food Network mindless entertainment; Terry Pratchett TV shows, books comin... Read More

Apex Moron ・25.04.2020

He may have broken Brian, nothing a little bleach won't fix; toilet paper shortages; CDC warns of second wave; Octoberfest, nein; Quibi versus fans; Magic Leap leaps off a cliff; Abigail Disney & Abigail Amazon; Boston Dynamics pivots; pandemic white lies; FIFA still a festering mess; f... Read More

The Woke Must Flow ・22.04.2020

Furloughs & death clocks; we’re all on the S.S. Minnow; traffic silver linings; Instacart tipping procedures; Facebook misinformation flaws; social media COVID policies failing; America’s funniest Zoom videos; Elmo’s virtual happy hour; the new woke Dune; yet another HBO streaming servi... Read More

Unified Theory of Oprah ・18.04.2020

Eggs, fat, masks & step counts; Apple & Google promise they'll turn of tracking, someday, maybe; Amazon is essential, essentially horrible; JEDI silence; the end of the office as we know it; drone scolding; Peacock launches, not really; coronavirus should make us grateful for big tech; ... Read More

Grump Long and Prosper! ・15.04.2020

Dogs & cats, Apple & Google playing together to track us; South Korea putting wristbands on people for tracking; WeWork won't make deals on rent but asks for them for themselves; Amazon on path to dominance; IKEA blinds finally available; the Witcher; Paraside; god awful Modern Family; ... Read More

Another Day in Paradise ・11.04.2020

Billionaire's relief funds; WhatsApp trying to stop spread of misinformation; weather prediction; the internet is stronger, scalable; we planted a flag in the moon, it's ours; StageIt sees success after 11 years; we may not be epidemiologists, but; headphones, adapters, jump starters & ... Read More

On the Sauce ・08.04.2020

Virtual happy hours; wherefore art thou, sports?; Apple frees up some software, releases a new phone; Microsoft Edge gains popularity; more Amazon internal meetings leaked; how US employment has changed in a month; NASA worm; Common Sense; more free media; Quibi; Little Weirds; no, 5G d... Read More

Fundamentally Useless ・04.04.2020

Masks are the new masks; the C19 playlist; Zoombombing; Airbnb, Amazon step up a little; restrictions are slowing things, a little; will a recession mean more automation; DoorDash doesn't know what's open; tech giants giving away ad credits, not cash; pop-up experiences shut down; fired... Read More

What’s a Hug? ・01.04.2020

Coronavirus Day 7,284... the internet is creaking a bit; more work from home tips; gig workers striking; privacy is dead, governments tracking movements via cellphones; Amazon hid competitors faster shipping options; Zuck puts a drop from his bucket into Gates' fund; Bird lay offs; Alte... Read More

WE’RE #1! ・28.03.2020

The USA takes first in Coronavirus infections; ambient music playlists; gig workers getting support; Amazon, Uber, Tesla cases; free media to keep you occupied; why do tech companies have stockpiles of masks; Airbnb doing good deeds but suffering; cybersecurity fallout; day drinking wit... Read More

Climbing Up the Walls ・25.03.2020

We killed all the TP; we're all hypochondriacs now; US Digital Dollar; Amazon Prime no longer delivering quickly; Amazon releases more kid's shows; Disney+, Facebook reducing streaming quality in Europe; smart thermometers tracking Coronavirus; comfort TV; Bert Kreisher; reading dystopi... Read More

Strategic TP Reserve ・21.03.2020

California goes full lockdown; KROQ fires morning show; Trapt Twitter meltdown; Netflix may go SD to manage surge; Ibuprofen is the new eggs; Facebook has a virus in their spam filters; our advice for working at home; resources for parents at their wits end; more coronavirus scams on th... Read More

Earth Interrupted ・18.03.2020

Social isolation linked to inflammation; one degree of separation; statements on misinformation is not action; Amazon suspends third party sales except for medical, household; Teams goes down; Google screening service unrolls; bitcoin price drops; what will and won't work on the interne... Read More

Panic at the Costco ・14.03.2020

What a great time to be a nihilist; all podcasts are coronavirus podcasts now; feinds of the show; nerd utopia; everything is cancelled; corona-pocalypse tips; financial costs; people on the front lines; companies & employers stepping up to help; be kind, be empathic, be smart; working ... Read More

All Alone Together ・11.03.2020

Coronavirus effects roll on; Jack keeps his gig at Twitter, for now; Twitter tags Trump tweet as manipulated; NetNewsWire for all your RSS; Wuhan students tried to boot DingTalk from the app store; Kids in the Hall; Sex Education; Dracula; 1917; Knives Out; Hardcore History; Facebook gr... Read More

Bad Video! Bad Video! ・09.03.2020

The many benefits of quitting Facebook; eggs, again; Coronavirus and tech companies; we're all already self-quarantining; technology's burden on teenage girls; YouTube recommending fewer conspiracy videos; RSA wrap-up; voting technology; Utah Panopticon; Clearview AI as a plaything; rob... Read More

I’ll Drink to That ・04.03.2020

Shout out to the clan; liable for counterfeits; Walmart+ taking on Amazon Prime; e-Scooter frenzy is over; unintended consequences of ride sharing - pollution and alcohol; Billy never Idles; self-driving cars are hard; Altered Carbon; Obi-Wan on a motorcycle; stand-up fest; CoronaCoin; ... Read More

Seven Miles per Hour ・29.02.2020

Talking music & tech with Andy Stochansky; Clearview AI gets hacked; DoorDash delivering a confidential IPO; no 1st amendment right to be on YouTube; Coronavirus panic; Bloomberg pushing Twitter boundaries; EasyMile needs seatbelts; don't keep a balance on your mobile payment apps; no i... Read More

Death, Taxes, and Streaming ・26.02.2020

Wine drone prank; Netflix postmortem emails; welcome to the streaming wars; collapsing Daqri & the state of AR; Westworld, Better Call Saul return; Dracula; Narcos Mexico; Stephen Fry's 7 Deadly Sins; sanctioned deep fakes; Staples podcasts; BSG & Ron Moore; subscription cars; Slickwraps; feedback.

Helicopter Mode ・23.02.2020

A walk down music industry memory lane; unions; blockchain & the supply chain; 30 years of Photoshop; Uber's horrific climate; antitrust spooks Apple, Google, Amazon; tricking Teslas; caucus tools; our social media diets; the complicated ethics of spyware; wireless network maps; truepen... Read More