Grumpy Old Geeks

A no-holds-barred show about the Internet and how it's affecting our lives for good or bad. Hosts Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister have over 40 years of online experience and aren't afraid to tell it like it is.

I’ve Fallen and I Can't Get Up ・02.11.2019

Smart city scale back; Apple moves to more subscriptions; Gawker chaos; 3rd party content moderator calls it quits; Twitter won't take political ads, maybe; Sorkin walks and talks to Zuck; free markets; music piracy down; Will.I.Am's Wink dying; Apple Watch 5 life alerts; car security; ... Read More

Big Mac is Watching! ・30.10.2019

Big burger data; blockchain, what is it good for; same-day delivery chaos; Alphabet looking to buy Fitbit; worthless shares; Facebook employees rise; Musk to court; Flash, really; AI banking; the Mandalorian; scary movies; AirPod Pro, now with the same battery; 1.5x movies; facial recog... Read More

Set Visibility to Death ・26.10.2019

Bezos no longer richest man; Amazon shares down; Zuck goes to congress, gets schooled; Facebook paying for news; face-scanning AI interviews; non-binary in a binary form world; drone killers; firmware hacking; Retina-X fines; SCIF show; DOH! protocol; BBC news goes dark web; life saving... Read More

Cringeworthy ・23.10.2019

NanoSpamo; WeWork devalued; Libra's continued hurdles; Facebook helping to protect the 2020 US election, no, really, ok maybe not in ads; Google wants to shut down unionization; Amazon injuries; NordVPN hacked; Air Force ditches floppies; tipping Uber; new trailers; free Apple TV+; rebo... Read More

Jobsian Slip ・19.10.2019

Windows, not so bad; Zuckerberg ret-cons Facebook origin story; Netflix misses numbers, faces competition; Amazon ditches Oracle; Zappos ridiculous breach settlement; Nest tightens rules for partners; jail time for tech execs; Samsung fingerprints problems; Fire TV cube; Iomega zip driv... Read More

Pump Up the TikTok ・16.10.2019

Dipping our feet in the UBI waters; Libra, out; Facebook refuses to take down fake ads, looking out users; Uber pink slips; Samsung stops Blue-ray production; yet another scooter company; El Camino; Lost in Space; warp speed is really slow; music, on the blockchain; AMC home streaming; ... Read More

Jeff-Luc Picard ・12.10.2019

Dead AirPods; Amazon workers watch footage you let them watch; Dominos loses ADA case; Postmates IPO delayed; Waymo driverless cars are coming, maybe; tech sabotages public safety; Bezos makes it so; Facebook fines pile up; D-link router flaws.

Gimme the Damn Coconuts! ・09.10.2019

Catalina; 23andMe making some guesses; Waymo comes to LA; Deepfakes laws; Russian hackers modify browsers; Picard & The Expanse; IT Chapter 2; Bill Gate's brain; Dead Can Dance; Ali Wong; Han Solo Carbonite Roaster; Disney+ ruins childhood memories; Debbie Harry; Felicia Day; Apple turn... Read More

Zuckerberg Blue ・05.10.2019

WeWork, a struggling non-tech company; cutting scooter brakes; drone-ramming drones; self driving cars, not in my backyard; TikTok says no to political ads; Words With Friends data breach; Google's bad facial recognition tactics; ghost protocols; Yahoo inside job; Fitbit; Undercover out... Read More

Self-Deflating Morale ・02.10.2019

Meat, the new eggs; Facebook leaked audio; Kickstarter says no unions; Musk breaks laws with tweets; online child sex abuse explosion; tech breaking the border; new iPhone hack; uBiome down the toilet; Stranger Things, the Good Place, Mr. Robot; Harry Potter meets Superman; Amazon book ... Read More

Echo Chamber ・28.09.2019

Adventures with Apple; Goop isn't science; Facebook gives up on fixing itself; Uber looking for a pivot, still bad; Amazon wants to write facial recognition rules; tech unicorns not doing well; Match sued; burner emails; right to be forgotten, forgotten; Doordash hack; Ring wants in; DN... Read More

Computers Gonna Compute ・25.09.2019

MoviePass R.I.P; The Daily Show Rip-off; DeepFakes are coming fast; Cloudflare plants trees; AI burns the world; Be Indistractable; Bluetooth gone wild; Snap Conjures Voldemort; Girls named Fred; McDonalds goes AI; Twitter cures financial scams.

Doctors In a Tube ・21.09.2019

Hot Apple OS update talk; Wells Fargo stablecoin; naruto run; Alexa crowd-sourcing; Facebook oversight board; Amazon pledges to combat climate change; AI stereotypes; Walmart takes on health care; Descript audio deep fakes; medical information out in the open; private surveillance netwo... Read More

I’ll Be Watching You ・14.09.2019

WeWork overvalued; scraping isn't hacking; Milo & Ryan; Uber layoffs; California disrupts the gig economy, Uber says see you in court; Kickstarter fires union organizers; Facebook warns uses may be unsettled by iPhone privacy change; Replica; stingrays & the White House; simjackers; Jer... Read More

Beardy Robots ・11.09.2019

More MIT Media Lab; that Equifax settlement; Facebook's cheating, er dating app; please regulate us, says Microsoft; AI coming for small tasks; Walter Mosley quits Star Trek; the Spy; Whitney Cummings; vinyl rising; Korn's podcast; robot priests help your soul; feedback loop.

Wild Wild West ・07.09.2019

MIT & Epstein's money; Google & children's privacy; fixing YouTube; Facebook's bad year continues; Yahoo data breach settlement; mental health info sold; facial recognition changes; AI deepfake detection funding; Google's GDPR workaround; ad traction & retargeting needs to change; USB4 ... Read More

Gone Fishin’ ・04.09.2019

Uber & Lyft take a hit; teens & screen time; Apple privacy; Jack Twitter gets "compromised"; Pinterest takes on "vaccine hesitancy"; Amazon brings chaos; Moviepass lays off 1/3 of staff; open-source AI; The Cure's Pasadena Daydream; grumpy ol' Neil Young; the OA; Tony Hawk; drone fishin... Read More

We’re a Happiness Podcast ・31.08.2019

Jason’s morning security encounter; Apple fires contractors; Uber & Lyft take more from drivers than they say; BeauBer; Peloton’s insane prospectus; iPhones have been hacked for years; crimes in SPPPPAAAAACCCCCEEE; biometric boarding scans; open-source self-driving; self-lacing shoes, with AI!

My Little Homies ・28.08.2019

Messing about with Google; cutting down facial recognition towers; studying digital technology's societal impacts; questionable benefits; ISS has better internet than we do; trusted partners; Another Life; the Great Hack; Star Wars news; Breaking Bad; Your Undivided Attention; Death Row... Read More

Meesa in the Matrix! ・24.08.2019

CEO shenanigans; the Silicon North; robotexts are coming; that Instagram post; Palantir employee uprising; DoorDash & Scotty Labs; Apple Card & rubbing alcohol; exposed adult site data; MoviePass continues to mess up; DNA data woes; iPhone jailbreaking is back; Blind; the Matrix is relo... Read More

Weaponized Winona ・21.08.2019

China retaliates against Cisco; CEOs change corporate accountabilities; banks look to blockchain; IRS wants its crypto-cut; Uber cuts balloons; Facebook moderators in India get pay hike; News tab will be people not AI; Idiocracy coming true; Mrs. Maisel; Jett; the Boys; Stranger Things;... Read More

Scroll and Weep ・17.08.2019

Snooping to improve "AI"; podcasting music; AI exaggerations & lies; WeWork's insane IPO; Google employees "refuse to be complicit," sign petition; robocalls; biometric data exposed; Rekognition; hacking cameras; Null license plate; mission statements; smart home mess; fridge tweets; Ma... Read More

Schnitzel On Demand ・14.08.2019

Ch-ch-changes; no self-driving cars; Taco Hotel; Tesla surveillance; Verizon sells Tumblr; HarmonyOS; Nein, Deliveroo!; turning off the experiment; social media censorship; manual switches; Lord of the Rings; Football; the Boys; the Family; Nein, Sampling!; Shirley Manson; Atomik Vodka;... Read More

The SnuggieNet ・10.08.2019

Microsoft is listening too, but are we really surprised; 8chan goes peer-to-peer; we need to revisit safe harbor; the techlash has come; a potentially bigger Facebook class-action lawsuit; Amazon warehouse workers do PR; Uber lost billions; ride sharing makes traffic worse; Yelp & Grubh... Read More

Spider People ・07.08.2019

Stop the ladies in the tube recording you; we've had enough, 8chan; Google whack-a-mole with paywalls; "AI" bar systems; e-scooters not so green; Snap wants more money; millennials have no friends; the -yawn- MCU; Sackhoff rules; Idles; spider people; more popcorn SciFi; Blackout; scamm... Read More