Grumpy Old Geeks

A no-holds-barred show about the Internet and how it's affecting our lives for good or bad. Hosts Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister have over 40 years of online experience and aren't afraid to tell it like it is.

315: Under Pressure ・28.01.2019

The tech revolt; Netflix stats; Buzzfeed, HuffPo, Gannett lay off journalists; flagging fake news; Moviepass is back; Rekognition is biased; Pledge Music out of other people’s money; Facebook’s “facts”; the Cyber Diplomacy Act; Facebook Show notes at

314: Everyone is Garbage ・24.01.2019

Unintended consequences; targets & metrics; scooters & word salad; Google GDPR fine; DNS hijacking; resistance is futile agains social media; WhatsApp fights fake news; Facebook ethics; no escaping Amazon; Fyre fyre burning bright; new shows; YouTube channel mergers; check out the big h... Read More

313: All I See is Hitler ・21.01.2019

Seriously, that new Slack logo; Apple & Microsoft fight the good fight; YouTube bans dangerous pranks & challenges; Tidal, like everyone, fakes stats; Netflix price hike; Google trolls the EU; Snap falls, again; the MegaBreach; Oklahoma's not OK; feds can't force phone unlock; voice aut... Read More

312: Red Hot Chili Tomatoes ・17.01.2019

Worldwide data grabs; sunscreen & science; I am the eggman; Bird censoring; WeChat about Chinese dystopias; now that's a spicy CRISPR tomato; AI translation; Bird Box challenges; suing Bandersnatch; inst@famous; Clear & Vivid; Star Trek timelines; approval junkies; fully immersive toile... Read More

311: Fursona Non Grata ・14.01.2019

Patreon isn't just a platform; wherefore art tho, fiber internet; mommy blogging; Amazon ad strategy; ghosting government style; data suckers; bounty hunting phones; Amazon Ring whistleblower; Apple trolls at CES; Ikea expands their IoT; Air fryers are the new Instant Pots; Antimatter p... Read More

310: Spark Grumpiness ・10.01.2019

Sparking joy & saying thank you; AI happiness nudging; 23andMe makes a deal with a drug giant; German leaks; Apple to become a service; WeWork rebrands; Travelers; Aquaman, Ocean's 8, The Predator; A Simple Favor; Starbuck is back; smells like litigation; Space Odysseys; skateboard shar... Read More

309: Stay Furry ・07.01.2019

Drone crazy; BanderBirdSnatchBox; Ellison's questionable home decor; Apple in China; Facebook philanthropy; shocking, most of the internet is fake; deep dive into non-lethal force; earthquake apps; Childhood's End; the cable guy; #Watergate & PLATO; grumpy is good for you; sometimes you... Read More

308: Merry Crapulence ・24.12.2018

Holiday cheer & good wishes abound in our final episode of the year; Netflix slides into your DMs; for once, Facebook made sense; WhatsApp moderation problems; Target targets Amazon; Pinterest goes public; copyright infringement; defining cybersecurity; a weasel, a baguette & the glitch... Read More

307: Alexa, I’m Leaving ・20.12.2018

Facebook's bad policies continue, but hey, blockchain; Russian social media influence; Wikipedia's "nuclear option"; Verizon writes off Oath; Grumpy Old Birds; secondhand MP3s; Alexa Guard; teasers & trailers; 2010; WallCoin; glitter bombs & Bambi.

306: VanderZanden Event Horizon ・17.12.2018

Dipping into the genetic pool; Airbnb regulations; Lyft & Uber's bad business models; Bird is not the word; taxing texts; piracy gone wild on YouTube; crypto's very bad year; Facebook screws up, again; employee spying; Taylor Swift facial recognition crowd monitoring; Boomoji boom; prin... Read More

305: Stay Classy ・13.12.2018

A whopper of a deal; walled gardens coming down; app tracking data; Uber has a whistleblower; learning to code; AI dystopia or utopia; bird in the water; Russell Brand; Avengers; Anchorman – Jason loves lamp; Def Leppard & Depeche Mode; a real mechanical Russian turk; feedback loop. Sho... Read More

304: Grumpy Old Furries ・10.12.2018

We learn something new about an old friend; Predictim doesn't; Australia passes stupid encryption law; Tumblr bans porn; Facebook has been doing exactly what we all thought they were; robots gone wild; license plate tracking; quantum crackers; Face ID spoofing in furs; instascam of the ... Read More

303: Sigh ・06.12.2018

We're good for you; can you quit Amazon; touchscreens full of feces; Tesla's troubles; Buster Scruggs; Bodyguard, Homeland & Ron Burgandy; Christmas songs for Goths; moron DJs twerking; more scooters; a real use for the blockchain; hot browser talk. Show notes at

302: Security Badgers ・03.12.2018

Come on bring the rage; tech enters meatspace; Tesla logs a billion miles; Google, Amazon & Microsoft employees push back, wherefore art tho Facebook employees; Airbnb "invents" hotels; fake science; Marriott 1/2 billion breach; your mattress has a privacy policy; Montgomery Scotch. Bou... Read More

301: Useful Idiots ・29.11.2018

Facebook admissions; everyone's an influencer; fake trumps real; Russia fines Google; holiday tech talk; GPS as a tech prosthetic; Elon goes to Mars; Ohio wants your bitcoin; no collusion; Singularity Trap; ban billionaires; normalizing new age; pooping legos. Brought to you by Privacy.... Read More

300: Tonight, We Dine in Hell! ・22.11.2018

Our 300th episode; Amazon's amazing deal; science FTW; data leaks don't cost enough; Instagram crackdown; Apple Maps and sharing map data; Snap's new spectacles; Bitcoin has new low; Justified Ancients of Mu Mu; Tay-tay; Lower Decks; Narcos; Patriot; adulting; but her emails. Brought to... Read More

299: Donate Your Data Today! ・19.11.2018

Self-driving car futurism; Facebook's REALLY bad week; Lime car dump; cities dance for Amazon; Snap subpoena; Indiegogo changes the model; WeWork starts a school; Bitcoin hard fork selloff; Kars4Kids breach; creepy holiday gadgets; ya basic, Microwave; Amazon turns over Echo recordings;... Read More

298: Excelsior! ・15.11.2018

Twitter on fire; deep fakes going mainstream; get rid of that red dot; Amazon to sell (most) Apple; Snapchat still hemorrhaging employees; Iron Fist; Salt Fat Acid Heat; more Star Trek is coming; fires destroy movie & TV history; HotnHairy72; Threatin rocks! This episode is brought to y... Read More

297: Double Rage Latte ・12.11.2018

That doctored video; LA is burning; #GoogleWalkout working; Big Blue on the 'chain; Facebook discovers lying; Ev Williams is a hypocrite; Bird corrals; Amazon: kill & replicate; USPS Informed Delivery; you can tell by the way they walk; Microsoft sounds facial recognition warning; Dubai... Read More

296: Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior ・08.11.2018

Oh, Facebook, not again; virtual goes brick & mortar; internet freedom in decline; Google walkout for "real change"; humans are getting botlike; Bird suing cities; House of Cards; Daredevil; Spotify banks on podcasting; Robert Greene; the Winklevi; HQ trivia; spice up your life! The Gru... Read More

295: Vitamin Melanoma ・05.11.2018

We take the red pill; scooters killed Kenny; WeWork while WeDrink; scanning actors; AI stories; the sun giveth, taketh away; Wyden's smart privacy plan; Siri on Helium; smart thermometers; truth machines at the border; turn off autocorrect; instascams; adulting classes. Show Notes at ht... Read More

294: We Broke the World ・01.11.2018

The digital gap; alt-right on the blockchain; Twitter's still too late; Silicon Valley vs the homeless; Google & Amazon employee rebellions; radicalizing the world; Daredevil; Discworld's punk-rock Watch; Massive Attack Banksy tour; Muderbots; bottled air; feedback loop! Show notes at h... Read More

293: Data Industrial Complex ・29.10.2018

Blockchain as a service; Tim Cook vs the Data Industrial Complex; class action lawsuits against scooters, social media; Tesla's Boring good week; self-driving ethics; let Google teach your kids; Trump's phone; jQuery zero-day; pop-up elections; Bing; Shreddies. Show notes at

292: Ethical Old Geeks ・25.10.2018

Apple data; Lime life; AI, Silicon Valley & ethics; holistic cybersecurity; drone armies; salaries on the blockchain; Disgraceland; Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage & Netflix; Quincy; coddling the American mind; Dungeons & Dragons; Lestat; Assange; Orinoco Flow. Show notes at

291: Disambiglyuationess ・22.10.2018

Disambiguation & this week in dystopia; Disney drones; streaming leading to piracy; Amazon poaching eBay; Facebook's pivot to video lie; Uber Works; virtual empathy; a real use for blockchain; Apple vs Bloomberg; whisper mode; insects are disappearing; don't look, Marion! Sponsored by H... Read More