Heart of the City

Great entrepreneurs are great storytellers. Heart of the city spotlights the dopest investors and entrepreneurs around the country, and gives them the opportunity to tell the stories that get missed in most interviews. Host Vince Harris draws on his background as a Wall Streeter and serial entrepreneur to take guests beyond the numbers; to share the ways their work is benefitting the communities where they operate. Every week a different city. A different story.

Reparations - Part 1 with Dr. Kathy Powers ・26.11.2020

When a bi-racial student asked Dr. Power why his Jewish grandmother (a Holocaust survivor) received reparations but his black grandmother (a descendant of enslaved people) did not, the professor realized she did not have a satisfactory answer. She has spent the intervening two decades s... Read More

"It's A Family Affair" Trailer ・26.08.2020

Trailer for the interview with Joy Hollingsworth of the The Hollingsworth Company.

HOC Live - It's a Family Affair with Joy Hollingsworth (Seattle) ・26.08.2020

In October 2013, Raft Hollingsworth called a family meeting at his parents' home. Not crazy. They did this from time to time. But this time Raft (the baby of the family) had a Power Point deck. This was serious. He had a business proposition for them. With recreational cannabis newly le... Read More

HOC Live - The Legacy Show w. Donahue Baker (Newark) ・17.07.2020

Don Baker is a Grammy nominated music producer turned CPA, turned real estate investor and entrepreneur. His portfolio now encompasses more than 500 units across three markets.

Over the course of his evolution out of the music business and into entrepreneurship, he noticed that there w... Read More

HOC Live - COVID and the business of education with Rafiq Kalam Id-Din (Philly) ・02.07.2020

"The most profound economic impact of COVID may ultimately be the way it changes K-12 education."

Mr. Kalam Id-Din is a scholar turned successful attorney turned education entrepreneur. He now runs the Ember charter school in Brooklyn that serves five hundred students and their famili... Read More

HOC Live - COVID and the business of education - PREVIEW ・02.07.2020

Preview of the topics discussed with Rafiq Kalam Id-Din, Managing Partner, Ember Charter School

HOC Live- How To Buy Back The Block with Chris Senegal (Port Arthur, Tx) ・19.06.2020

In 2013 Chris Senegal received a tip that a slumlord in his hometown of Houston was looking to sell off his portfolio of properties. The houses, which sat in what used to be a prominent African American neighborhood, made up an entire city block.

Chris had flipped a couple of houses, b... Read More

HOC Live series- Is legalizing cannabis an economic issue? Or a Civil Rights issue? Yes. (L.A.) ・03.06.2020

In this episode, we bring you the audio of a live streamed interview I did with Chris Ball, CEO of Ball Family Farms, a vertically integrated cannabis producer in Los Angeles. The LEGAL sale of cannabis topped $10B last year and is slated to be roughly 10x that amount by the end of the ... Read More

From Side Hustle To Serious Business (Long Island, NY) ・01.03.2020

In this episode we visit with builder, developer and serial entrepreneur James Scruggs. James’ real estate companies currently have $40M in construction projects under development. He manages that pipeline as well as the other crown jewel of his business empire, a portfolio of senior c... Read More

Side Hustler to Serious Business - PREVIEW ・01.03.2020

Preview of Episode 5 with James Scruggs

When Opportunity Knocks - Preview ・03.02.2020

Trailer for episode #4 with Natasha Mosley of The Menkiti Group

When Opportunity Knocks, with guest Natasha Mosley (Atlanta) ・03.02.2020

Natasha Mosley is Director of Single Family Development for the Menkiti Group in Washington DC, where she oversees a portfolio of assets worth more than $25M and manages all construction for the division. In this episode Natasha shares how she moved from Atlanta to DC during the depths ... Read More

"Destiny's Children", guest Cedric Bobo (Memphis) ・14.01.2020

In this episode, we visit with Cedric Bobo, co-founder and CEO of Project Destined, an organization dedicated to teaching young people how to become stakeholders in their own communities. They do this by exposing them to entrepreneurship through real estate. Born in Mississippi and rais... Read More

Destiny's Children - Preview ・14.01.2020

Trailer for episode #3 with Cedric Bobo of Project Destined

"30 under 30" Preview ・04.01.2020

in this excerpt, Patrick recounts the worst deal he ever did. Tune into the full episode to hear all the gory details.

"$30 million before age 30" guest, Patrick Jeune (Philly) ・04.01.2020

Patrick Jeune dials in from Philadelphia and shares his story of getting into the real estate game while he was still a student at Temple. He discusses how finding a mentor early on helped him leap frog to the top of the game quickly. Patrick also shares how he's using his notoriety to ... Read More

"Get Free" Preview ・27.12.2019

In this excerpt Max talks about his prior life as a bounty hunter and also touches on the importance of mindset to become successful.

"Get Free" with guest Max Maxwell (Winston Salem, NC) ・26.12.2019

In this episode, I sit down in studio for a convo with Max Maxwell, the #1 real estate investing speaker/influencer in the country. After a brief discussion on how he became a millionaire from doing "no money down" real estate deals, we take a deep dive into the concrete steps he took t... Read More