HOC Live series- Is legalizing cannabis an economic issue? Or a Civil Rights issue? Yes. (L.A.)

In this episode, we bring you the audio of a live streamed interview I did with Chris Ball, CEO of Ball Family Farms, a vertically integrated cannabis producer in Los Angeles. The LEGAL sale of cannabis topped $10B last year and is slated to be roughly 10x that amount by the end of the decade. And yet communities that have been most hurt by predatory drug laws are being sidelined, while VC backed startups and large conglomerates rush in. Blacks own less than 5% of cannabis licenses in the US, meaning we are witnessing another large scale syphoning of wealth from this community. This makes it one of the top civil rights issues of our time. We discuss this landscape as well as Chris' remarkable story, going from recording artist, to NFL player to high end drug trafficker to now being one of the success stories of Los Angeles' cannabis social equity program. Join us.


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