How Did I Get Here? w/ Jae and AleXa

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Ep. #70 | One Last Question for Jae & AleXa ・01.06.2021

Where does the time go? Was it really just yesterday that Jae was jumping in to record podcast episodes during HWAITING? Was it really last year that AleXa became a permanent co-host? Sometimes questions are just hard to answer even with the power of the Internet. But one thing's for ce... Read More

Ep. #69 | Is Being a Good Singer Genetic? ・25.05.2021

Jae and AleXa warm up their vocal cords in this episode and look into the biology of what makes a great singer. Luckily, it's not just about being born with the right genes but like any other muscle or skill, it can be practiced to (near) perfection! And stay tuned until the very end up... Read More

Ep. #68 | Y'all Hate Milk That Much? ・18.05.2021

Jae and AleXa hate milk. And it seems like a lot of you do, too. But why? How did we go from being told milk makes you stronger to being warned milk makes you sit on the toiler a little too long? Let's break the story down on how it's hard to break down lactose.

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Ep. #67 | Am I an Adult? with Sam Kim ・11.05.2021

Fully adult Sam Kim ponders when he will truly *feel* like an adult with fellow adults Jae and AleXa. We may pay our own bills and buy our own food but will we ever stop feeling like kids dressed up in big clothes? Science suggests it's totally normal to feel this way! Whew.

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Ep. #66 | Can I Sell My Tweet For Millions? with Sam Kim ・04.05.2021

At last, Sam Kim joins the Internet search with Jae and AleXa! They talk about the latest blockchain hooplah, NFTs, which essentially allows people to sell digital....anything? There's a chance you can get rich from just a single tweet! And by "you" we mean if you're Twitter's founder J... Read More

Ep. #65 | Is Organic Food Actually Better For You? ・27.04.2021

Some say that abs are made in the kitchen as in healthy food literally creates a healthy body. And we've seen the term "organic" thrown around and slapped on labels. But what does it actually mean? And does it actually have a positive effect on our health apart from the environmental be... Read More

Ep. #64 | Should Parents Trust Their Kids? with Sam Hammington ・20.04.2021

Comedian and MC Sam Hammington is a multi-talented entertainer based in Korea. And one of the many things he does is being a great father to his two sons. AleXa and Sam sit down one-on-one to talk about building trust between parents and their kids, how to spot the lies, and keeping the... Read More

Ep. #63 | Does My Handwriting Reflect My Personality? ・13.04.2021

AleXa sits down and gets to writing because in this episode, we observe handwriting. It's been both used and tossed as poor evidence in courtrooms but is there something to this old method of analyzing a person's script? Probably not but what we do determine is that dotting your "i"s wi... Read More

Ep. #62 | Why Do I Hate My Selfie? ・06.04.2021

Ever been feeling your look and decide to take a quick selfie? And were you then startled to find that the pictures don't quite match with what you see in the mirror? If so, we relate. AleXa hunts for who or what is to blame.

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Ep. #61 | What Does [Insert Slang] Mean?! with GHOST9 ・30.03.2021

AleXa sits down with members from GHOST9, Prince and Junhyung (준형), to ask them what certain slang in their cultures and the Internet mean! The answer most of the time is "I don't know" but luckily we're all learning together. And that's on cap...or something.

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Ep. #60 | Is Our Future Predetermined? ・23.03.2021

Hello, we are writing from the past to you in the future which is now the present. Still following? Don't worry too much because no matter what you do, there may be a possibility that the future is already set. Oh shoot, that might make you freak out more. Well, freak out with us and li... Read More

Ep. #59 | Should I Ride E-Scooters? ・16.03.2021

For most people living in or even nearby large cities, they may have seen their fair share of E-Scooters. These are electronic scooters that are accessible via an app so that people may ride and ditch them for their leisure. But are they worth potentially congesting busy streets or our ... Read More

Ep. #58 | Are Kitchens THAT Important? ・09.03.2021

Kitchens. They're a place of nourishment, gathering, and most importantly: where the ice cream usually sits. But just how important is this idea of a kitchen? Maybe this episode will convince AleXa to cook more. Meanwhile, Jae's still perfecting his romantic lasagna.

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Ep. #57 | Is Clubhouse The Next Big Thing? ・02.03.2021

Jae and AleXa have received their exclusive invites to the exclusive app Clubhouse where exclusive people talk about exclusive things. Feeling excluded yet? Well, they're here to let you in on whether or not you should care about being on this app at all.

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Ep. #56 | How To Break a Bad Habit ・23.02.2021

Hey! You! Yeah, you! Stop that bad habit right now! Jae and AleXa talk about their own bad habits and what science says is the best way to ridding them for good. However, it's literally easier said than done.

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Ep. #55 | Why Do We Love Lo-fi Music So Much? with JUNNY (주니) ・16.02.2021

JUNNY is back to join our duo to talk about the soundtrack of workspaces and coffee shops everywhere: lo-fi. But if you also got a good video of just chopping vegetables, Jae is ready to add it to his playlist.

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Ep. #54 | Finding Love with Dating Apps? with JUNNY (주니) ・09.02.2021

Solo artist and producer JUNNY is in the building to talk thoughts on dating apps and whether or not the odds (literally, we're talking the stats) are in our favor? Is it possible to find a true connection via algorithm? Well, swipe into this episode to find out.

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Ep. #53 | Does Having Siblings Matter? ・02.02.2021

AleXa is a proud big sister to a little brother whereas Jae is the baby boy to his own older sister. They explore how and if having siblings, the range between their ages, and the difference of treatment by the parents affect their personality and quality of life. Shout out to the only ... Read More

Ep. #52 | Can Positivity Be Toxic? ・26.01.2021

We're always told that the grass is greener on the other side or to try and see the glass as half full rather than half empty. But Jae and AleXa wonder how helpful is it really to always stay so positive? Sometimes we may just be sweeping things under the rug a little too much.

This we... Read More

Ep. #51 | Why Do We Talk To Ourselves? ・19.01.2021

In a very self-aware episode, Jae and AleXa talk to themselves about why people talk to themselves. Does saying something out loud help you process problems better? Or is it just a sign you maybe needed an extra hour of sleep? Luckily, signs point strongly to the former option.

If you ... Read More

Ep. #50 | Testing For Our Future Careers with Keshi ・12.01.2021

At last, former nurse and current musician Keshi joins the show to talk about career options and how we'll never really know what we'll do until we're doing it. If you didn't know Keshi used to be a nurse, don't feel bad. Jae didn't either.

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Ep. #49 | Teaching Jae How to Do Make-Up with CLC's Sorn ・05.01.2021

Although he's had his fair share of time spent in the makeup chair, Jae still has a lot of questions for Sorn and AleXa about the vast world of cosmetics. Just how many brushes do you actually need? And what's the difference between high end and drug store brands? Also, shout out to Bob... Read More

Ep. #48 | New Years Eve Plans with CLC's Sorn ・29.12.2020

Every year the world waits with bated breath for the final countdown that will end the year and bring us into the new. But how did the traditions of big parties and ball drops come about? And do our hosts and guest, Sorn, even care for all the hoopla?

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Ep. #47 | Am I In Love? ・22.12.2020

AleXa ponders how to know if and when one is really, truly in love. Is it just our hormones instigating feelings of infatuation or is there really something to all these poems and songs about finding "the one"?

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Ep. #46 | Why Are There So Many Bad Holiday Movies? ・15.12.2020

AleXa is solo and wondering what's the deal with all these holiday movies coming out every year are all about? How many more movie posters of a couple wearing red and green could we possibly need? Apparently, the answer is A LOT.
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