Know Your Aura with Mystic Michaela

Know Your Aura with Mystic Michaela is the podcast discussing all things mystical and practical in aura color. Join Mystic Michaela and her guests as they discuss day to day ways to increase the authenticity of your life! 63 Episodes

Thankful for Meditation ・26.11.2020

This is a special Thanksgiving manifestation meditation session designed. Find a quiet spot and take this short yet powerful journey to your heart’s desire. Michaela uses visualization and the power of unbounded awareness to help you realize your goals. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. 
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Holidays in the Fifth Dimension ・19.11.2020

What changes can you make to your holiday season which coincide with your spiritual awakening? Michaela discusses how living life in the 5th dimension can alter your traditions, feelings and emotions this time of year. She explains how to fully grasp the power of the collective consciou... Read More

Controlling Crippling Anxiety ・12.11.2020

How much does anxiety affect how you live your life? Michaela discusses how anxiety plays a role in your life, and how it exhibits itself in each of the aura colors. She explains how anxiety is a useful tool in understanding more about yourself, what you need to change and how you can d... Read More

Mediumship and Spirituality, The saddening loss of a child ・05.11.2020

Trigger Warning - This episode contains an emotional reading for a mother who sadly lost her child. This week we explain mediumship and the religion of spiritualism. Michaela and Scott discuss physical mediumship and explain what tricks fake psychics and mediums may used to entice peopl... Read More

Mystic Michaela Halloween Special ・29.10.2020

The Know Your Aura podcast goes on the road to a haunted location for this very special Halloween episode! Michaela and Scott explore the spiritualist community of Cassadaga, Florida where the dead commingle with resident psychics and mediums. They stay in the historic Ann Stevens House... Read More

Words that change your life & The Bachelorette ・22.10.2020

The words you use in self talk and when speaking about yourself to others shape your life. Michaela discusses the power of your words and how to use them as tools to sculpt the life you want instead of perpetuating the life you don’t. Michaela and Scott discuss the new season of The Bac... Read More

Psychic Children & Let’s “Aura-Splain” It! ・15.10.2020

How do psychic gifts present themselves in children? Michaela discusses how children have innate abilities to connect with spirit guides and loved ones on the other side. We hear about an imaginary friend who turned out to be a deceased relative! Michaela also gives tips and suggestions... Read More

Why Don't People Change? And Possessed Cats! ・08.10.2020

Why is it so hard to make a change? Michaela discusses the deep seeded subconscious block that must be confronted in order to make changes in one life. Do you want to find love, get a new job, or move to a new city? What's stopping you? Michaela dives into the WHY behind the reasons we'... Read More

Every Aura Shade Explained ・05.10.2020

In this second bonus installment, Michaela explains Aura Shades. Once you know your aura color, Aura shades are the second step in the journey to understanding your personality, so that you may more confidently navigate the challenges life presents you.
Shades - Purple - 1:09, Blue - 3... Read More

Every Aura Color Explained ・03.10.2020

Everything you ever wanted to know about the aura colors is in this episode! What is an Aura? Why do we need to know what color aura we are? How does that benefit you? Listen to this short episode, find your aura color, and see if you can guess the aura of the people in your family, you... Read More


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