Words that change your life & The Bachelorette

The words you use in self talk and when speaking about yourself to others shape your life. Michaela discusses the power of your words and how to use them as tools to sculpt the life you want instead of perpetuating the life you don’t. Michaela and Scott discuss the new season of The Bachelorette and Michaela gives a run down of Clare and a certain front runner’s aura colors as a couple. Michaela and Scott discuss some possible Spiritual Retreats for a future podcast episode. Finally, let’s “Aura-Splain” it with Michaela and Scott, as they take real listeners' burning questions and explain it using aura color. Can you “Aura-Splain” it along with them?  Links/Resources: Mystic Michaela Instagram Mystic Michaela Website Mystic Michaela Facebook Group Mystic Michaela Podcast Itunes Mystic Michaela Bonus Episode - Every Aura Color Explained  Get 25% your entire Stitch Fix order when you keep your whole Fix! Other podcasts on WAVE!


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