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Daebak (대박), a Korean word and phrase to describe something spectacular. Cue ‘Daebak Show’ hosted by Eric Nam, a long-time veteran in the industry as both a K-pop artist and celebrity personality. Here we celebrate music and media’s greatest hits, the people behind them, and get a glimpse into the industry. Catch up with us every Monday! Patreon members receive special perks like ad-free listening! To learn more, visit www.patreon.com/divestudios Connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @thedivestudios We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can: https://bit.ly/2EcYbu4  For advertising opportunities please email PodcastPartnerships@Studio71us.com    Privacy Policy: https://www.studio71.com/us/terms-and-conditions-use/#Privacy%20Policy 151 Episodes

Ep. #135 | Catching Up: Youngjae of GOT7 ・25.10.2021

Eric calls in with GOT7's Youngjae to catch up on his solo debut with his new album "COLORS of Ars" and his experience on Netflix's summer sitcom series "So Not Worth It". We also hear some new anecdotes on how the other members are doing as well as Youngjae's future hopes for his own m... Read More

Ep. #134 | AleXa, Play "Xtra" ・18.10.2021

AleXa is back on Daebak Show after a whole year! AleXa catches up with Eric to talk about coming back to the U.S., singing the National Anthem at the L.A. Dodgers game, reuniting with her family, and holding her first-ever fansign event!

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Ep. #133 | Eric Spills the Tea On "I Don't Know You Anymore" ・11.10.2021

Eric is back with a special guest--Eric! He talks about his new single "I Don't Know You Anymore," getting back into live performances, and the all too relatable struggles of living in Los Angeles.

"I Don't Know You Anymore" releases on October 15. Be sure to pre-save so you don't miss... Read More

Ep. #132 | Catching Up: Audrey Nuna ・04.10.2021

Audrey Nuna sits with Eric Nam to talk about her upbringing around music and the creative process behind her sound and captivating visuals. Dive in as we uncover the team behind her music videos, her experience working on the "Shang-Chi" soundtrack, and what makes her Korean grandmother... Read More

Ep. #131 | Catching Up: Aminé ・27.09.2021

Rapper and self-proclaimed yellow connoisseur, Aminé, catches up with Eric. They talk about growing up as Internet kids, venturing into acting and directing, and what it’s like to become a dog dad amidst quarantine.

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Ep. #130 | Catching Up: Rei Ami ・20.09.2021

We're getting emotional and fired up in this one y'all! REI AMI sits with Eric to talk about her music journey full of obstacles from toxic relationships to parental disapproval, and how she came out on top through it all. She's basically our new BFF ready to dish some tough love.

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Ep. #129 | Catching Up: Tiger JK ・13.09.2021

Artist, father, and former Floridian Taekwondo Master, Tiger JK, regales his incredible journey of becoming the person he is today. As one of the main pioneers of South Korea's now budding hip-hop music and culture scene, Tiger JK's pathway to success has not always been clear but seemi... Read More

Ep. #128 | Catching Up: JAY B 128회 | JAY B의 근황토크 ・06.09.2021

하이어 뮤직의 새로운 아티스트 JAY B가 전하는 JAY B의 솔로 데뷔 앨범 'SOMO:FUME' 작업 에피소드와 GOT7 리더로서의 최근 멤버들과의 소통하는 방법, 그리고 JAY B가 강조하고 싶어 하는 독서 취미에 대한 이야기까지 새로운 시작을 하게 된 JAY B의 모든 것들을 확인해 볼 수 있습니다. 

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Ep. #127 | Catching Up: ASTRO 127회 | 아스트로의 근황토크 ・30.08.2021

미니 8집 ‘Switch On’ 활동을 마치고 대박쇼를 찾 온 아스트로의 진진, MJ 그리고 산하! 이번 앨범 활동 비하인드부터 에릭남과 멤버들의 고음 배틀까지 웃음을 참을 수 없는 이번 에피소드에서는 아스트로팀의 찐케미를 확인할 수 있습니다.  

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Ep. #126 | Catching Up: TOMORROW X TOGETHER 126회 | 투모로우바이투게더의 근황토크 ・23.08.2021

투모로우바이투게더의 연준과 태현이 함께 하는 이번 에피소드는 두 멤버가 음악을 시작하게 된 계기부터 슬럼프에 대한 멤버들의 솔직한 이야기, 그리고 두 멤버의 완벽한 케미로 벌칙을 당하게 된 에릭남의 에피소드까지 만날 수 있습니다. 

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