Work sucks, take a break. @KFCBarstool and @BrendanClancy help get you through the day. #MAILTIME is back and it is still the laziest hour of your day. 52 Episodes

Craig Carton ・02.12.2020

Christmas comes early for KFC as he gets some good news while recording. Craig Carton sits down to talk about his problems with gambling, his time in prison and his triumphant return to radio.

The Last President ・25.11.2020

Barron Trump is a time traveler, here is the proof: In 1896 a book was written titled 1900, Or The Last President. It's main character is named Baron Trump and his advisor is named Don. It starts when a political outsider from NYC (who lives on 5th Ave) wins the election and becomes pre... Read More

Feed Your Raccoons ・18.11.2020

The Raccoon Whisper has made a serious impact on KFC. So has the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. How to know when you are washed. Will Facebook by Target? Will Walmart buy Twitter? Will Amazon buy everything? Why arranged marriages work and why Josh Richards is a genius.

Birds Aren't Real ・11.11.2020

KFC is a changed man thanks to Steve Cohen. Alex Trebek tribute. Whose death would shutdown Barstool Sports for a day? The JFK assassination and the secret drone bird conspiracy.

Titanpointe ・04.11.2020

Late night reaction to the election (0:00-43:00), Elon's laws for Mars (43:00-51:00), the mysterious, windowless alleged bomb shelter buidling hiding in plain sight in the middle of Manhattan (52:00-1:11:00)

You're On Your Own ・28.10.2020

The Joe Rogan/Kanye West interview was a whole lot of nothing but Kanye stans will still say that he is flawless. How election polling is like the infield shift. Why Pennsylvania will pick the President.

5 Years Later ・21.10.2020

Kelly Keegs makes her triumphant return to MAILTIME! We talk about the original Mailtime, Plane Breakup, Jeffrey Toobin, when Kelly worked at the New Yorker, Britney Spears, OnlyFans, The Truman Show, and bowling alleys in the Bahamas

Getting Old Is Hard To Do ・14.10.2020

Nothing makes you field older than trying to play a new-aged video game system. KFC bought the physical game instead of downloading it, got the wrong game, was blown away that there was no cartridge, and couldn't figure out how to set up the Switch.

Al Dukes ・07.10.2020

How do you handle a 15 year old influencer when she is determined to destroy your career and does Jim Dolan have a kid willing to do that to him? WFAN's own Al Dukes joins us to talk about Craig Carton's gambling controversy and conviction, what the best shift is for talk radio, workin... Read More

Debate Battle ・29.09.2020

Issue free debate preview! We talk about the art of the debate and how it is actually like a rap battle, performance enhancing drugs, entrance music, offsetting penalties, and the fans of both sides. NO ACTUAL POLITICS OR ISSUES DISCUSSED just predictions for how the debate will go from... Read More


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