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Dr. Derwin Gray is the lead pastor of Transformation Church a multiethnic, multi-generational, mission-shaped community near Charlotte, NC. Marinate On That is where Dr. Gray will discuss theology, discipleship, leadership, marriage, and the multiethnic church. 25 Episodes

BONUS: What we learned about healing with Dr. Derwin Gray ・23.11.2020

In this Bonus Episode of Marinate on That, Dr. Derwin Gray shares what he has learned over the last six episodes from the guests who shared their stories of healing. He offers his own words of wisdom to help others on their journey.

Healing from Tragedy with Joel Muddamalle ・16.11.2020

We all experience tragedy in our lives. In this episode, Joel Muddamalle shares about the tragic death of his cousin and the steps he's taken towards healing.

The Journey to Healing with Pastor Josh Samarco ・09.11.2020

In this episode, Dr. Derwin Gray is joined by Pastor Josh Samarco, who also serves at Transformation Church. Pastor Josh had a tumultuous childhood, but an unexpected encounter with God changed the trajectory of his life. As he grew in his faith, he realized he had to deal with the trau... Read More

Finding Healing in our Suffering with Vicki Gray ・02.11.2020

This powerful episode of Marinate on That features Dr. Gray's wife, Vicki. She has walked through seasons of extreme suffering that brought on depression. She shares the lessons she learned about God in her suffering and how prayer and His Word brought comfort and lasting transformation.

Healing from Anxiety with Carlos Whittaker ・26.10.2020

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older. Carlos Whittaker was one of those adults, but in his latest book, Enter Wild, he talks about his journey of healing from anxiety.

Finding Healing through Forgiveness with Lysa TerKeurst. ・19.10.2020

Lysa TerKeurst has shared much of her life in her books, but her latest book, Forgiving What You Can't Forget, takes the reader on a journey of finding healing through forgiveness. Listen in on this candid conversation between Lysa and Dr. Derwin Gray to discover what true forgiveness i... Read More

Faith and Healing with Brittney Moses ・12.10.2020

On the opening episode to season 2 of Marinate on That, Dr. Derwin Gray talks with Brittney Moses of the Faith and Mental Wellness Podcast. They discuss healing through therapy and the importance of brain health. Brittney shares her story of how becoming a teen mom actually showed her t... Read More

Season 2 Trailer ・05.10.2020

Season 2 of Marinate on That with Dr. Derwin Gray premieres Monday, October 12. Check out the trailer to find out more about the upcoming season.

Marinating with Beth Moore ・01.06.2020

In the final episode for this season, Pastor Derwin has a conversation with the one and only Beth Moore. They talk about happiness, ministry, and Jesus Himself being the prize of Christianity. This conversation was originally recorded for Pastor Derwin’s book release party for his lates... Read More

Marinating with Jeremiah Gray ・18.05.2020

This is a special episode because Derwin is joined by his son, Jeremiah. They have a vulnerable conversation about the sudden change that occurred in Jeremiah’s life just as he was starting his college football career. Jeremiah sensed God calling him in a different direction. He talks a... Read More


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