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Why I am Not a Christian ・30.09.2021

Discovering the failings of young-earth creation was just the first domino in my deconversion... but the process was more akin to a Rube-Goldbrick contraption than a straight line to a final domino. The journey to the destination is windy and varied. In the end, the specific first domin... Read More

Science of Genesis Paradise Lost - Part 6 Enter the Dinosaur ・27.09.2021

The long-anticipated Genesis Paradise Lost movie from Eric Hovind's Creation Today is finally available on home video and around the world. The movie proudly declares a message of young earth creationism, using stunning visual effects and interviews with the likes of Bodie Hodge, Chad H... Read More

Puddle Parable and Fine-Tuning (Capturing Christianity Response) ・23.09.2021

In a recent video, Capturing Christianity's Cameron Bertuzzi attempted to explain why the Puddle Analogy against the Fine-tuning Argument for God fails (on multiple levels). But the Parable of the Puddle by Douglas Adams isn't what the well-quaffed apologist thinks it is, so the failure... Read More

Telephone Game Proves the Bible is Wrong (Todd Friel response) ・21.09.2021

Evangelical radio-host, Todd Friel, took on the non-believer objection that the Bible we have today is the product of the telephone game. He threw to Wretched host John Fabarez in his "Road Trip to Truth" video series, but both men and the guest apologist completely missed the point of ... Read More

Move over Bananaman... Broccoli-man Proves Evolution is Impossible! ・16.09.2021

In a recent study from his Dinosaur Adventure Land compound in Lenox, AL, Kent Hovind explained to his audience how broccoli disproved evolution, showing it to be impossible.

The problem is... broccoli never existed in nature. It is man made. Even if a deity exists, they didn't make it... Read More

Gary Habermas blows out of the water on Resurrection Hypothesis ・14.09.2021

Renowned Jesus resurrection scholar, Dr Gary Habermas, responded to a question about Paulogia's observation that Peter and Paul are sufficient to explain church history... no resurrection or group appearances needed.

After doing the significant assigned homework, here is my response to... Read More

Freedom from Ham (feat. Dan Barker) - (Ken) Ham & AiG News ・09.09.2021

Freedom from Religion Foundation

Special thanks to Shannon Q for her many contributions.

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Wrong Assumptions, Wrong Conclusions (feat. ScienceSideUp) - Evolution Exposed Exposed ・07.09.2021

Our examination of the "Evolution Exposed" all-star creationist six-hour epic seminar with Ray Comfort and 10 other well-known prominent anti-evolution speakers. This time, Bryan Osborne of Answers in Genesis tries to poke a few holes into the veracity of carbon and radiometric dating.
... Read More

Hello, My Name is Eric Hovind (feat. Logicked) - Jupiter, Deserts and Mammoths ・01.09.2021

When it comes to Kent Hovind and Eric Hovind... like father, like son. Logicked became a legend with his "Hello, My Name is Kent Hovind" series... and now we team up to take a look at the young-earth creation family claims about Jupiter, Ganymede, the Sahara desert, the earth's magnetic... Read More

Was Jesus Actually Resurrected? (Infographics Show Response) ・30.08.2021

The greatest mystery of all is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Catholic church has been built off the faith that Jesus was crucified for our sins, died and was buried, then on the third day he rose from the dead and visited his Apostles. What really happened on that third day that... Read More


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