Many of us start off with a plan or conception of what our life and career will look like, but often times we end up in a completely different place than we ever could have dreamed? This is a podcast where we sit down with celebrities, athletes, and entrepreneurs to hear how they handled life's unexpected events. I am your host Andrew East, engineer turned professional athlete turned entrepreneur and I can’t wait to share these stories with you to help inspire you to reach your dreams. 90 Episodes

105 Carolina Recchi | Connecting Education ・21.06.2021

This week, we are continuing our Forbes 30 under 30 series with Caroline Recchi. She is the co-founder of EdSights which she founded with her sister Claudia.

University recruitment and retention directors may be the client, but EdSight's customers are college students, especially thos... Read More

104 Ammar Bandukwala | ・16.06.2021

This week on ReDirected, I got to chat with a co-founder of Coder, Ammar Bandukwala.
Coder’s three co-founders — Bandukwala, Kyle Carberry, and John Andrew Entwistle — first met online while in high school. The three were soon collaborating to build and monetize Minecraft plugins and se... Read More

103 Jeremy Cai | Drop Out Entrepreneurship ・07.06.2021

Keeping on with our Forbes 30 Under 30 series, today I got to chat with Jeremy Cai.

Jeremy is the founder of Italic, an online retailer that sells luxury goods without the brand names -- or the corresponding markup. Instead, the company designs its own products and then taps the same ... Read More

102 Julia Haried | Bridging the STEM Gap ・24.05.2021

Continuing our Forbes 30 under 30 series, I got to talk to Julia Haried. As the co-founder of MakerGirl, she's working to pave a new path for girls.

It all started in a social entrepreneurship class at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign when Julia and Elizabeth Engele were ... Read More

101 Derrick Emsley | Planting 57 Million Trees ・18.05.2021

Today, we are continuing our Forbes 30 under 30 series with Derrick Emsley.
At 16, Derrick and his brother founded a tree planting company that was meant to capitalize on the future of sustainability: carbon offsetting credits. They planted over 150,000 trees while selling carbon offse... Read More

100 Desh Amilia | Philosophical Film ・10.05.2021

This week on Redirected, I got to chat with Desh Amilia. A product of immigration, integration, and innovation, Sri Lankan-born, Desh Amila, started from humble beginnings before realizing his dream was in the West and migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 2000. Desh has since pioneered h... Read More

099 Nicole Hardson-Hurley | Teaching to Tech ・04.05.2021

Continuing our Forbes 30 under 30 series, this week I got to chat with Nicole Hardson-Hurley. Nicole is the Co-Founder and Head of Product of Byteboard, an Area 120 funded startup founded by two women of color on a mission to make software engineering interviews more equitable. We are c... Read More

098 Raz Romanescu | Serial Entrepreneur ・26.04.2021

This week on ReDirected, we have serial entrepreneur, Raz Romanescu. His roles include: Co-Founder and CEO of Gamelancer Inc, a platform designed to elevate the online gaming experience; Co-Founder of Underlining Beauty, which owns and operates notable brands such as Tatbrow, Nailboo an... Read More

097 Giorgio Tavecchio | Football to Food ・19.04.2021

Italian-born American Football Placekicker and "Gastro-preneur" as co-founder of ElevenTwelve, a lifestyle brand specializing in helping people celebrate life one meal at a time with high-quality wine, pasta, and spreads from the Piemonte Region of Northwestern Italy.

A few topics that... Read More

096 Nick Cherukuri | Augmenting Reality ・14.04.2021

Continuing our Forbes 30 under 30 series, I got to sit down with Nick Cherukuri. Nick is the founder of ThirdEye and wasn't deterred by the failed consumer roll-out of Google Glass: He believes that augmented reality glasses can "have a life-changing impact on the way workers go about t... Read More


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