Rejuvenaging with Dr. Ron Kaiser

This is the podcast for two types of people: those who embrace the aging process and are going through it enthusiastically; and those younger people who want to develop the proper mindset and habits that will enable them to age awesomely when that time arrives. REJUVENAGING is the art and science of growing older with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is one of the most under-rated of emotions. It is the driver that activates passion, proactivity, and a positive mindset. The REJUVENAGING podcast focuses on developing the skills and behaviors that lead to enhanced physical and mental health throughout the lifespan. The podcast features guests from various walks of life with varying perspectives but with the common purpose of living enthusiastically and helping others to do so. Guests are interviewed by positive health psychologist and author, Dr. Ron Kaiser. One of his claims to fame is that he has failed miserably at being a typical old guy. At age 81, he works full-time and stays fit – physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. He shares his secrets and guidance in this regard – both in his interactions with his guests in personal training podcasts that take place once a month. Listen to the REJUVENAGING Podcast; get in touch with your awesomeness; and learn to maintain positive balance in your life. It’s never too early or too late to start See for privacy and opt-out information. 75 Episodes

Getting Our Life Back One Pound at a Time with Vanessa Bogenholm ・12.10.2021

Being active children, practicing collective or individual sports, and realizing any kind of outdoor activity are things that impact massively on our overall health as adults. Our parents or caregivers can instill these activities in us, but there is also a socioeconomic factor since an... Read More

Take Action Today To Ensure A Better Future with Chris Godfrey ・05.10.2021

As a professional football player, Chris Godfrey's job was to protect the quarterback from the rivals' linemen during pass plays. He would absorb the damage to ensure his teammate's safety, the game's normal flow, and eventually, achieve victory. Time went by, Chris played nine years in... Read More

Finding a Way to Ease Pain, Move More, and Live Better with Nicole Ludwig ・28.09.2021

Contrary to what many of us think, physical therapy is not only about recovering from traumatic injuries; a big part of it is about acquiring habits that will prevent us from paying a visit to specialists. Exercising frequently, walking, and moving around are some of the things all of u... Read More

Cybersecurity. Dealing with the Invisible Threat with Amir Tarighat ・21.09.2021

Although almost all of us have already heard of cybersecurity, the reality is that we know little about it. Most people associate it with software or countermeasures like antiviruses, when in fact, cybersecurity is about planning, risk management, secure code writing, and a whole bunch ... Read More

A Tactical Approach To Fitness and Wellness with Dr. Mike Simpson ・14.09.2021

The type of fitness and wellness goals we can aspire to rely mainly on an element frequently overlooked: age. In our 20s, we can wing things, decide out of the blue to start training for a triathlon, and we will most likely get away with it. But after a certain age, we need a plan; we m... Read More

Do A Quarterly Eval of Mental Fitness and Goals ・07.09.2021

Planning is an essential part of goal-achieving; accomplishing something without a proper plan or strategy is extremely hard. Still, only planning is not enough; it is also necessary to assess how things are going along the way. For instance, although pilots have an itinerary from point... Read More

The Man Who Is NEVER Done Growing with Doug Sohn ・31.08.2021

A couple of hours before the celebration of his 40th wedding anniversary, Doug Sohn suffered a stroke. He and his wife had planned a huge party at their house, a wedding cake and lots of guests included, but the party never happened. Within 24 hours, Doug would suffer four strokes. Fort... Read More

Celebrating 100 episodes of enthusiasm and wellness, joined by Dr. Michael Mantell ・24.08.2021

Many years ago, an article written by the American Council of Exercise called Dr. Michael Mantell's attention. The report was a plan to eradicate obesity in America by 2030 through diet and exercise. Dr. Mantell decided to call the Council and ask them about the third leg of the tripod ... Read More

Learning the Secrets of Fasting While Eating with Dr. Joseph Antoun ・17.08.2021

Soon after he started as a physician, Dr. Joseph Antoun perceived the system was broken. If doctors, hospitals, and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole profit from sick patients, they practice sick care rather than health care. Since that day, Dr. Antoun started pushing for preventio... Read More

No Pain, Lots of Gains, Body Awareness, and Empathy with Mariah Heller ・10.08.2021

Committed to becoming an athlete, Mariah Heller started facing unusual health issues for someone her age. She was 16 when she began dealing with chronic pain, and just a few years later, she had to undergo a couple of surgeries. Trainers, fitness instructors, and physical therapists did... Read More


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