Here's The Thing

Here's The Thing is podcast with @ThatChickAngel and @KevOnStage. Buckle up its LIT.  158 Episodes

Blackfishing?! ・20.10.2021

00:00 Church Announcements

01:58 Blackfishing?!

19:50 Bow Wow Vs. The Millenium Tour

35:02 The Real Is Back (Adele)

56:05 Blicky Vs. Cheese Eggs at the Waffle House

01:04:08 The Top City Rankings of The Slightly Problematic Tour

Issa Rae & Jon Gruden ・13.10.2021

 00:00 Church Announcments

02:14 Issa Rae was advised to add white people to shows so "White People Would Care"

19:08 Raiders Coach Jon Gruden Resigns

40:44 What does "The Bible" Says about "Soaking"

01:01:23 Wife Orders "Uber Cheats"

Facebook and Instagram were Down BAD ・06.10.2021

00:00 Church Announcements

00:57 Facebook + Instagram were Down BAD
12:01 Angel's terrible flight experience
20:25 The New Height-Lengthening Surgery
35:58 "Fantasized Sin is Sin"
45:48 Squid Game was passed on for 10 years
58:30 Outro

R. Kelly is Trapped For Real Now ・29.09.2021

00:00 Church Announcements 
04:10 R.Kelly is Trapped for Real Now
16:09 The Curious Case of Kelly Price
37:55 What is "Soaking"? 
59:36 Devvon Terrell Says the price of music streaming services are too low
01:19:29 Yesterday's Price IS Today's Price (For Josh) 

Diddy vs. JD ・22.09.2021

00:00 Church Announcements
2:20 Diddy Verzuz JD

48:54 Dru Hill wants a Verzuz

01:04:28 No Actors of Color win major acting awards at emmys

Comedy Central vs The Office ・15.09.2021

00:00 Church Announcements
03:34 Comedy Central vs. The Office | #HeresTheThing
20:20 Deion Sanders takes over Jackson State Football
33:30 Usher co-hosts #TheActivist 
59:30 which character in TV History suffered the most tragedy

Drake and Kanye have the WORST BEEF ・08.09.2021

 00:00 Church Announcements 

02:07 Drake Vs. Kanye is the worst beef...

41:35 Music artists that are good actors 

01:04:21 Rest in Peace Michael Kenneth Williams 

Beyonce Criticized for Blood Diamond ・01.09.2021

00:00 Church Announcements 

03:37 Beyonce criticized for BLOOD DIAMOND

22:53 Kanye West's DONDA is HERE

49:20 Bishop Sycamore High School is not a real high school

01:12:08 Angel's got a story to tell...

The Milk Crate Armageddon ・25.08.2021

00:00 Church announcements 

01:50 The Milk Crate Armageddon

17:46 sha'carri richardson got that last place

26:58 Talking about Secks in front of Grandma Ruthie 

51:11 Alabama Man thought he had been shot by an "intruder"

54:45 Movie Talks

01:06:59 Pre-Show Praise and Worship

Black Folks Don't Like Lizzo?! ・18.08.2021

00:00 Church Announcements

01:59 Black Folks Don't Like Lizzo?!

25:24 Untold: Malice in the Palace

01:08:20 Outro

01:14:20 Pre-show foolishness


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