#008 Eddie Gallagher Retired Navy SEAL Tried for Murder

Chief Special Operator Eddie Gallagher is without a doubt the most controversial Navy SEALs of modern day history, and quite possibly in the entire history of Naval Special Warfare. Shawn Ryan Show #008 Chief Gallagher explains in depth how teammates under his command at SEAL Team 7 not only accused him of being a war criminal, but relentlessly tried to send him away to life in prison for the alleged  murder of an ISIS fighter in Mosul, Iraq. Eddie walks us through his version on what seemed to be the entire Naval Special Warfare community continuously attempting to take his rank, strip him of his SEAL Trident, and ravage his reputation even after proven innocent. His wife Andrea and son Ryan share their first hand accounts of how the NCIS raided their home and strategically wreaked havoc on their family. Keep up to date with Eddie Gallagher's book release date, The Pipe Hitter's Foundation, and Social Media here ⬇️ https://theeddiegallagher.com https://pipehitterfoundation.org Vigilance Elite/Shawn Ryan Links: Website     - https://www.vigilanceelite.com Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/shawnryan762                         - https://www.instagram.com/vigilanceelite                         - https://www.instagram.com/shawnryanshow Podcasts  - https://www.vigilanceelite.com/pages/the-shawn-ryan-show Support the show (http://www.venmo.com/VigilanceElite)


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