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Can I really make money online? Could I have my own online business? How can social media help me 10X my growth? How do I sell more? How can I reach my ideal customers? What social media platforms should I focus on? Facebook? Instagram? TikTok? Linkedin? Oh my! What about YouTube and Pinterest? Welcome to the Social Media Influencer Podcast where we will answer all of these questions and so much more! Hosted by stay at home mom of three turned social media influencer, Jenny Peterson. On this show, Jenny will share how she built here business from her cell phone. Each week, she will share business building hacks, online marketing tips and social media strategies that actually work. We will discuss digital marketing, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing and all of the different ways to make passive income. Jenny will teach you how to grow your online audience and how to turn your followers into raving fans. She will teach you how to not suck at sales. This podcast will inspire you to take massive action, reward you with quick wins and empower you to build the life and career of your dreams. Yes, you can be a great mom AND an online business boss babe too. Whether you have a booming business or are just starting out, the Social Media Influencer Podcast is for you. 69 Episodes

"Your dreams are too BIG..." ・02.09.2021

This episode is the result of a conversation I had with an "Expert." He told me, "Your dreams are too big." Here's three big takeaways I had from this conversation.

1.) Follow people for their accomplishments.
2.) If you wouldn't trade lives with them, don't listen to their advice.
3... Read More

What you do today matters! ・26.08.2021

What you do today matters! Listen to this episode on the days you just don't feel like doing the things. This episode will give you the kick in the pants you need, to get out of your own way and be productive! Listen until the end for a special positive affirmations for productivity bon... Read More

My Proven Affiliate Sales Training Series Part 4 ・19.08.2021

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In today's episode we talk about what it means to "become a product of the product." Becoming a product of the product means being a living example of what you s... Read More

FINALLY! Revealing my BIG Secret Project! ・10.08.2021

Finally!! Revealing my BIG Secret Project! This secret project has been 2 years in the making!

After being a top affiliate for so many other companies, I decided to create my own physical product, partner with other affiliates and launch my own Company!  Introducing http://beautifulyu... Read More

My Proven Affiliate Sales Training Series Part 2 ・01.07.2021

In this episode:
I share part two of my proven affiliate sales training series and while this step is simple, it is crucial to your affiliate sales success. (00:40)If you do this one step your online audience will be able to pick up on your genuine excitement and pick up on your authent... Read More

My Proven Affiliate Sales Training Series Part 1 ・29.06.2021

In this episode you’ll hear:
Part One of Jenny’s affiliate sales training series to help you make money with your social media presence. (00:49)Selling is a skill and all skills can be learned and improved then once you learn how to sell, you can sell anything you love. (2:27)If you're ... Read More

5 Tips You Can Use to Overcome Imposter Syndrome ・24.06.2021

In this episode you’ll hear:
5 tips to overcome imposter syndrome and how it shows up in life and business and causes us to believe we are a fraud. (1:17)How it feels to experience imposter syndrome, the different thoughts and feelings inside your body that occur when pushing outside th... Read More

My Top 5 Apps I Use to Create Instagram Content ・22.06.2021

In this episode you’ll hear:
Top five apps used to create Instagram content as well as all of the content for different social media platforms. (00:40)Use this tool that’s already available to you along with this app and it is like having a photographer professionally take and edit the ... Read More

5 Procrastination Hacks that Actually WORK! ・17.06.2021

In this episode you’ll hear:
Five hacks guaranteed to stop procrastination the next time you find yourself putting off that important thing you know, deep down that you should be doing. (1:14)The first tip to beat procrastination is one that most people experienced in 2020 and needed to... Read More


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