Someone Knows Something

Host David Ridgen joins victims' family members as they investigate cold cases, tracking down leads, speaking to suspects and searching for answers. S1: Adrien McNaughton. S2: Sheryl Sheppard. S3: Dee & Moore. S4: Greavette. S5: Kerrie Brown. S6: Donald Izzett Jr. 79 Episodes

The Next Call with David Ridgen: Episode 1 in the case of Melanie Ethier ・15.10.2021

On September 28, 1996, Melanie Ethier says goodbye to her mother Celine, and goes to a friend’s house to watch a movie. Melanie is never seen again.

The Next Call with David Ridgen: Episode 2 in the case of Melanie Ethier ・14.10.2021

Conversations with Melanie’s friends who were with her the day she disappeared. Could something they noticed help the investigation?

The Next Call with David Ridgen: Episode 3 in the case of Melanie Ethier ・13.10.2021

Melanie’s 10-minute walk home becomes 24 years of unanswered questions. Did someone see or hear her that night? And what about Celine’s suspicions about an old friend of the family?

The Next Call with David Ridgen: Episode 4 in the case of Melanie Ethier ・12.10.2021

A closer look at the alibi of a person who has been on Celine’s radar for a while.

The Next Call with David Ridgen: Episode 5 in the case of Melanie Ethier ・11.10.2021

The final regularly-planned episode. New information about Melanie’s case continues to come to light. What does this mean for Celine and the case?

Introducing: The Flamethrowers ・08.09.2021

The Flamethrowers captures the punch-you-in-the-mouth energy and sound of right-wing talk radio. Host Justin Ling takes us from the fringe preachers and conspiracy peddlers of the 1920s to the political firestorm that rages today. With humour and candour, Ling examines the appeal of bro... Read More

Introducing: The Village: Season 2 ・23.06.2021

Transgender women, and trans sex workers in particular, know what it means to be marginalized, overpoliced, and underprotected. In season two of The Village, host Justin Ling investigates the stories of two women, Alloura Wells and Cassandra Do, whose deaths remain unexplained, and whos... Read More

The Next Call with David Ridgen ・09.06.2021

From David Ridgen, the creator of Someone Knows Something, comes the new investigative podcast The Next Call. Tackling unsolved cases through strategic phone calls. From the victim's family members to potential suspects, the investigation unfolds with The Next Call. More episodes are av... Read More

SKS S5 Extra: Spread the Word ・15.10.2020

David and Trevor follow new tips in the Kerrie Brown case and learn more about who the 911 caller may have been looking for on the night Kerrie was murdered.

Introducing: Brainwashed ・23.09.2020

Brainwashed investigates the CIA’s covert mind control experiments – from the Cold War and MKULTRA to the so-called War on Terror. It’s the story of how a renowned psychiatrist used his unwitting patients as human guinea pigs at a Montreal hospital, and the ripple effects on survivors, ... Read More

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