Bystander Effect

Episode Content Begins at:  This episode is brought to you by Podcorn. Podcorn helps podcasters connect with sponsors. Visit to learn more. Support the podcast: From Empathy to Apathy: The Bystander Effect Revisited Ruud Hortensius, Beatrice de Gelder Direct Bullying and Cyberbullying: Experimental Study of Bystanders’ Motivation to Defend Victims and the Role of Anxiety and Identification With the Bully Tomas Jungert1 *, Pinar Karataş2 , Nathalie Ophelia Iotti1 and Sean Perrin1 The unresponsive bystander: are bystanders more responsive in dangerous emergencies? Peter Fischer  Tobias Greitemeyer  Fabian Pollozek  Dieter Frey Would I be helped? Cross-national CCTV footage shows that intervention is the norm in public conflicts Richard Philpot 1, Lasse Suonperä Liebst 2, Mark Levine 1, Wim Bernasco 3, Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard 3

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