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Stu Burguiere dissects and debunks leftist propaganda with a lethal blend of wit, wisdom, and mockery. 382 Episodes

Ep 370 | Colin Powell: An American Hero Demonized by the Left | Guest: Chad Prather ・18.10.2021

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell was an American hero who transformed the government around him and left an incredible legacy. So why is the Left and their pet media working so hard to malign him following his tragic COVID-related death? Stu Burguiere has the answer, nihilistic an... Read More

Ep 369 | Pete Buttigieg's Paid Time Off: A Blessing in Disguise? | Guest: Sara Gonzales ・15.10.2021

Conservative media nationwide is rightfully reacting in anger to the news that Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has been on paid leave for the last TWO MONTHS, despite the pending supply chain crisis. Stu Burguiere wants to put things in perspective, though: Is Mayor Pete avoi... Read More

Ep 368 | The Fall of Delta: Pre-COVID Normality on the Verge of Returning? | Guest: Michael Malice ・14.10.2021

After a few months of government overreach and unnecessary mandates, Stu Burguiere examines the current state of the Delta variant of COVID-19 and where our country heads from here. Then, author and podcast host Michael Malice joins the program to discuss the possibility of a national d... Read More

Ep 367 | Say No to Mandates! Well, Maybe Let’s Have Just This One Mandate! | Guests: Glenn Beck & Jeff Fisher ・13.10.2021

Nobody except the dolts on the Left wants the government telling them what to do and how to live their lives. Government mandates are a form of tyranny and antithetical to the American dream – except this one mandate that our government should ACTUALLY be enforcing. Stu Burguiere will t... Read More

Ep 366 | The Continuing (or Concluded) Stories of the Fame-Shamed and Canceled | Guest: Jill Savage ・12.10.2021

As the Left and its pet media continue purging airwaves and cyberspaces of anyone with the gall to commit independent thought, it’s easy to forget about the hundreds, thousands, or millions already left behind in the wake of the destruction. Stu Burguiere follows up on a few of the larg... Read More

Ep 365 | Conservative Censorship: We Won’t Be Silenced Any Longer | Guest: Robby Soave ・08.10.2021

All across Big Tech, conservative censorship is ramping up: from demonetization to shadow banning and beyond, the leftist leaders are making it clear they don’t want dissenting opinions being heard. Stu Burguiere dives into the latest and is joined by Reason’s Robby Soave for a more hop... Read More

Ep 364 | The Trillion-Dollar Miracle Coin: Dems Reviving Dumb Ideas for Dumb Reasons | Guest: Avik Roy ・07.10.2021

Stu Burguiere tears into the Left’s idiotic idea to combat the debt ceiling with the minting of a $1 trillion coin. At what point did politicians on the Left lose the basic concepts of money and economics? Oh, that’s right, they never had them. Then, Avik Roy, president of the Foundatio... Read More

Ep 363 | Sage Steele: Another Day, Another Woke-Based Sidelining | Guest: Glenn Beck ・06.10.2021

Stu Burguiere looks into the case of ESPN journalist Sage Steele, who was taken off the air after making some Obama- and vaccine-related comments on Jay Cutler’s podcast. Was the sidelining justice, or has the woke media gone off the deep end once again? Then, Glenn Beck joins to previe... Read More

Ep 362 | The Left’s Violent Assault Tactics Will End in Tragedy | Guest: Catherine Price ・05.10.2021

From Rep. Maxine Waters encouraging attacks on political opponents’ homes to Sen. Kyrsten Sinema locking herself in a restroom against a deluge of protesters, the Left’s assault-like tactics against our public servants continue to escalate dangerously. Stu Burguiere investigates how we ... Read More

Ep 361 | It’s Time for Anthony Fauci’s 15 Minutes of Fame to End | Guest: Sydney Watson ・04.10.2021

Dr. Anthony Fauci is not changing minds on either side of the aisle. So why does he insist on plastering himself all over the news day after day? Stu Burguiere ponders the question: Isn’t it time Fauci’s 15 minutes of fame were over? Then, BlazeTV’s Sydney Watson swings through the stud... Read More


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