Tales From The Inverted World

Tales From the Inverted World investigates the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of everyday life. Shane Cashman searches for answers concerning UFO encounters, cryptids, ghosts, inter-dimensional beings, secret government experiments, and more. 3 Episodes

The Corpse That Danced in Hell’s Kitchen ・17.10.2021

An estranged brother tries to hunt down the men responsible for his brother’s murder. He faces death threats, personal demons, and the Irish Mob throughout New York City in the 1970s.
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Ghosts in the Simulation ・10.10.2021

An 89-year-old grandmother entertains the idea that we might be living in a simulation. An absurd world has forced her to reconsider the nature of reality. 

Are ghosts proof that we live in a simulation? Is deja vu a byproduct of the system malfunctioning? Can the dead communicate with... Read More

Is The Truth Out There? ・29.09.2021

Shane Cashman looks for stories of paranormal encounters outside the Washington DC area. More people than usual seem to be speaking out about their belief in unexplained phenomena. When COVID hit, reports of paranormal activity spiked. Fear and confusion warped our sense of the world. S... Read More


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