The Blonde Files Podcast

Host Arielle Lorre knows you have questions about all things wellness, and she’s answering them for you. From how to achieve optimal health, well-being and fulfillment, to the best beauty hacks and even cosmetic procedures — she covers it all through meaningful conversations with experts and inspirational guests. Arielle's distinct voice and unique candor make you feel like you're getting the inside scoop on all the latest from your best friend, and her multifaceted interests make this show a must for anyone who wants to live their best life — and look good doing it.

Rethinking Drinking with Tom Johnstone of Optimist Drinks ・25.10.2021

In this episode I’m talking to Tom Johnstone, founder and CEO of Optimist Drinks, a non-alcoholic spirits company based in Los Angeles. Optimist Drinks are designed to enhance social connection and to creating a range of products that give people a choice, the freedom to experiment with... Read More

Prejuvination, Surgery Trends & Consumer Restraint with Dr. Lara Devgan ・20.10.2021

In this episode I’m talking to Dr. Lara Devgan, a Yale-educated, Johns Hopkins Medical School-instructed, and Columbia/ New York Presbyterian Hospital-trained plastic & reconstructive surgeon. We discuss why restraint is so important when it comes to cosmetic surgery or minimally invasi... Read More

How to Manage Stress with Dr. Samantha Boardman ・13.10.2021

In this episode I’m talking to Dr. Samantha Boardman, Harvard and Cornell trained positive psychiatrist, about her new book Everyday Vitality and how to cope with the stresses of life. We discuss how to turn stress into strength; how to find the motivation to utilize healthy coping mech... Read More

Emmys Recap: What Awards Shows Are Really Like ・06.10.2021

In this episode I'm (belatedly) recapping the Emmys answering all of your questions including the BTS prep for the event; red carpet details; my best and worst dressed; what the show was like IRL; revisiting an old blind item and more. for $25 off your Canopy Humidi... Read More

Celebrity Glow Ups & Shrinking BBL's with Dana Omari of @IGFamousByDana ・29.09.2021

In this episode I’m talking to Dana Omari, medical aesthetic consultant and owner of the popular Instagram account @igfamousbydana, about cosmetic procedures, celebrity before and afters and the misleading information rampant on the internet. We discuss why people lie about having proce... Read More

All About CBD with Ret Taylor of Ned ・27.09.2021

In this episode I’m talking to Ret Taylor, co-founder of Ned, about how he went from chasing money around the world to starting a CBD company; what exactly CBD is, how it helps and what its applications are; why having a clear mission is so important when starting a business and how the... Read More

Nutrition Science, The Dark Side of Wellness and How to Navigate the B.S with Dr. Kevin C. Klatt, PhD, RD ・22.09.2021

In this episode I’m talking to Kevin C. Klatt, PhD, RD, a registered dietitian and postdoctoral fellow at the Baylor College of Medicine. We discuss nutrition science, research and the dark side of wellness that is oftentimes overlooked. Dr. Klatt explains how those of us without scient... Read More

How to Master Your Mind with Dr. Caroline Leaf ・15.09.2021

In this episode I’m talking to Dr. Caroline Leaf about the mind-brain connection, how to clean up our mental mess and how to rewire our brains for resiliency. We discuss how experiences form roots and get built into our bodies; how to uncover those roots and deconstruct to reconstruct o... Read More

Get The F**k Out Of The Sun with Lauryn Bosstick ・08.09.2021

In this episode I’m talking to author, podcaster and founder of The Skinny Confidential, Lauryn Bosstick, about all things beauty and wellness. Given that we are both skincare and aesthetics devotees, we have an open and candid conversation about beauty standards, best and worst beauty ... Read More

I'm Interviewed By My Producer on Marriage, Recovery, Hollywood and more! ・01.09.2021

In this episode my producer, Brian, interviews me about everything from my backstory to how I got sober and overcame the emotional issues that I was masking with drugs and alcohol; how I met my husband and made the first move; jealousy in relationships and if it can be a good thing; how... Read More

Harnessing Our Inner Voice with Ethan Kross, PhD ・25.08.2021

In this episode I’m talking to Ethan Kross, one of the world’s leading experts on controlling the conscious mind. An award-winning professor and bestselling author in the University of Michigan’s top ranked Psychology Department and its Ross School of Business, he studies how the conver... Read More

Unpacking Bennifer, Emrata, The Kardashians & More with Pop Apologists ・18.08.2021

In this episode I’m talking to Lauren and Chanler Bledsoe, hosts of the podcast Pop Apologists, about all things pop culture. We unpack today’s top stories including Bennifer and Britney Spears, and also go in-depth on topics like whether Emrata is actually helping or hurting women and ... Read More

Best & Worst of Wellness Trends + Best Anxiety and Bloating Tips! with Alyssa Lynch ・11.08.2021

In this episode I’m talking to influencer and wellness devotee Alyssa Lynch about how she overcame unhealthy habits and everything she’s done in the name of wellness. We talk about her experience with disordered eating and exercise; how she learned to feel good in a healthy way; how she... Read More

Leaving E!, Aging in Hollywood, Celeb Stories and What's Next with Catt Sadler ・04.08.2021

In this episode I’m taking to Catt Sadler, three time Emmy award winning journalist, producer, host of hit podcast It Sure Is a Beautiful Day and Instagram series A Drink with Cat, and founder of The Catt Walk, about her fascinating career, aging in Hollywood and wellness. We discuss ho... Read More

I Put Fat in My Face + General Q&A! ・28.07.2021

In this episode I’m talking about my recent procedures I did with Dr. Mascaró, as well as discussing my trip to Greece and taking random questions from Instagram like what influencer drama I can share; how I deal with eating and exercise during and post traveling; how I resist alcohol o... Read More

The Truth About Lipo, BBL + Other Body Procedures with Dr. William Rahal ・21.07.2021

In this episode I’m talking to Dr. William Rahal, a board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who specializes in breast augmentation, 360 lipo, and BBL. We discuss what these procedures are and how common they have become; how social media is affecting the popularity of body proc... Read More

Body Love, Beauty Standards and Whether to Have Kids w Liz Moody ・14.07.2021

In this episode I’m talking to cookbook author, content creator and podcaster Liz Moody about social and culture issues that we face today. We discuss how Liz left NYC during the pandemic and adopted a “nomad life” with her husband; how to move through fear and the scary stories we tell... Read More

How to Better Understand and Optimize Our Health with Base Founder Lola Priego ・12.07.2021

In this episode I’m talking to Lola Priego, founder of Base, about merging healthcare with tech and how it can help us live optimally. We discuss her background as an engineer at Amazon, Facebook and Instagram and how she drew from this experience to develop an app that is used to help ... Read More

The Gut-Brain Connection with Dr. Emeran Mayer ・07.07.2021

In this episode I’m talking to Dr. Emeran Mayer—world renowned gastroenterologist, neuroscientist and Distinguished Research Professor in the Departments of Medicine, Physiology and Psychiatry at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA—about the gut, the gut-brain connection and how... Read More

Beating Bloating and Anxiety with Arrae Co-Founders Siffat Haider and Nish Samantray ・30.06.2021

In this episode I’m talking to Siff Haider and Nish Samantray, founders of Arrae, about their trajectory from blogging and working in tech, respectively, to developing a wildly successful wellness brand. In this episode we discuss how Siff’s own health issues and quest for effective nat... Read More

Beauty Tips, Brand Building & Life with Marianna Hewitt ・23.06.2021

In this episode I’m talking to influencer and co-founder of Summer Fridays, Marianna Hewitt, about life as a content creator and beauty brand builder. Even if you’re not in the industry, Marianna has amazing insight and experience with topics like how to avoid the comparison trap; creat... Read More

How to Use Self-Compassion to Transform Your Life with Dr. Kristin Neff ・16.06.2021

In this episode I’m talking to University of Texas professor, author and researcher Dr. Kristin Neff about the power of self-compassion and how it can transform our lives. We discuss her fascinating (and groundbreaking) research into the psychological benefits of self-compassion; using ... Read More

All Things Plastic Surgery + Other Cosmetic Enhancements with Dr. Miguel Mascaró ・09.06.2021

In this episode I’m talking to my friend & plastic surgeon Dr. Miguel Mascaró about all things cosmetic procedures. Dr. Mascaró is A fellowship trained and Board Certified Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, also concurrently Board Certified in Head & Neck Surgery and a specialist ... Read More

What It's REALLY Like to be a Model + How to Find Peace with our Bodies ・02.06.2021

In this episode I’m talking to Emily Didonato - model, influencer and co-founder of skincare line Covey - about body image, the extreme measures taken in the modeling industry to look a certain way, her own personal breaking point and how she came to find peace with herself. She shares ... Read More

The Science of Happiness + How to Be Happy with Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar ・26.05.2021

In this episode I’m talking to Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, bestselling author and lecturer, about positive psychology and happiness. He famously taught two of the largest classes in Harvard’s history, Positive Psychology and The Psychology of Leadership, and Today, Tal consults and lectures aro... Read More