94. Christians and Alcohol

Have you ever heard someone say alcohol is a sin? Maybe you even think it's one? Is it dangerous for believers? Let's discuss.  If you would like to support our ministry financially and assist us in reaching more people with the message of purity, love and godliness, partner with us here: Paypal.me/GodlyDating or CashApp: $GodlyDating101 Join us on Patreon here: Patreon.com/GodlyDating101 Patreon gives you access to interactive Bible studies, mentorship and exclusive episodes/videos. Have a few questions, concerns or struggles to discuss and pray through? Schedule a counseling with us here: https://calendly.com/godlydating101/1-hour-session YouTube.com/GodlyDating101 Instagram.com/GodlyDatingPodcast Facebook.com/GodlyDating101 Twitter.com/GodlyDating101 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/godlydating101/support


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