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Join Fr. Innocent, Fr. Angelus and Fr. Mark-Mary, members of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, for their weekly podcast. The Poco a Poco Podcast offers "Practical Spirituality." The friars break open the Gospel in light of their years of prayer, communal life, and work with the poor. The Poco A Poco Podcast is a source of rest, encouragement, refreshment, and renewal for all pilgrims helping them to discern and make the next best step. Poco a Poco, little by little, step by step we're making our pilgrimage to the Father's house. The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal are a Catholic religious order founded in the South Bronx, NY. You can learn more about the friars or subscribe to their mailing list at 31 Episodes

Prince of Peace - Crucified King - The Way to Peace ・18.11.2020

Peace on the outside comes from knowing God on the inside.  This week we discuss the Prince of Peace who is Christ crucified.  Through the cross, Jesus has made a way for us to have peace with the Father in this world.

Peace WITH God will bring the peace OF God. Jesus promised peace in... Read More

We have a Father (forever!!): The Foundation and Fullness of Good News ・11.11.2020

In this week's episode we talk about the reality of our heavenly Father. The God of heaven and earth is passionately pursuing you right now. No matter how close you are to him, he is knocking on the door of your heart, asking to come in and meet with you once again. He’s not knocking ju... Read More

Mighty God ・04.11.2020

This week we discuss the title, "Mighty God" and the way in which God shows his might by making himself small, by forgiving us, by coming to us in the Eucharist.  God is great and omnipotent but he chooses to become small to us so we can respond to Him in love. He made himself fragile t... Read More

Were you there? An invitation to trust the Wonderful Counselor ・28.10.2020

Are we fascinated by God or merely interested? God wants His creation to be fascinated with Him and His ways. In this week's episode we talk about what it means to put aside our worry and to trust in the Wonderful Counselor. The truth is this: If we are fascinated with anything in lif... Read More

Going Deeper With Our Lady of Tenderness ・21.10.2020

In this week's episode Fr. Angelus talks about his favorite Icon, Our Lady of Tenderness and how Our Lady teaches us how to surrender everything that keeps us from loving Jesus with all we have. Through her example Our Lady teaches us how to have hope in seemingly hopeless moments, and ... Read More

So, I Send You: Living the Mission of Jesus With Urgency ・14.10.2020

As the Father sent me, so I send you. In this week’s episode we talk about the real share that we have in Jesus's own mission and the urgent need to bring Jesus to the world. God uses our gifts and talents to touch the people that God brings into our lives. God is not waiting for someb... Read More

Come, Holy Spirit: The Promise is a Person ・07.10.2020

The Holy Spirit, who worked in and through Christ during his life on earth, now works in and through us. In this week’s episode we discuss how the Holy Spirit wants to move in our lives. Just as the Spirit enabled Christ to bring glory to his Father, so now the Spirit enables us to glor... Read More

He Thirsts For You: You Are Pursued by God ・30.09.2020

We look at Jesus and the Samaritan woman with an emphasis on they way in which Jesus thirsts to love her. We also mention Mother Teresa's relationship with the thirst of Jesus and how important it is for us to know that God thirsts for our love. We're wanted and pursued by God.

Tangible Grace, The Spiritually Hangry, and Praying in a Crazy World: With Michelle Benzinger ・23.09.2020

Our first guest! Our long time arch nemesis, Michelle Benzinger from the Abiding Together Podcast, joins Fr. Innocent and Fr. Mark-Mary to talk about tangible grace for tangible trials, seeking first the Kingdom of God lest you go about your day spiritually hangry, and praying when the... Read More

Love Desperately (and don't be vanilla): The Reasonable Response to Salvation ・15.09.2020

We take a look at two ways to live: The way of Simon the Pharisee (boring!!, empty, vanilla) and the way of the sinful woman who bathes the feet of Jesus with her tears.  Her love is desperate.  Her love makes others uncomfortable. But, her love is beautiful. 

Why does she love the way... Read More


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