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Do you ever find yourself saying 'YIKES' about things happening in the world? Climate Change, Human Rights and the messiness of everything going on at the moment can be really overwhelming BUT we want to provide a space to chat about these things and find hope in the midst of it all. Hosted by Mikaela Loach and Josephine Becker, edited by Finlay Mowat. Support us through The YIKES Podcast Patreon! Follow us on Instagram! Get bonus content on Patreon! See for privacy and opt-out information. 21 Episodes

EPISODE 20: Gatekeeping and Collective Change ・19.11.2020

Last ep of season 2, wohoo! We define gatekeeping, and explore this very nuanced topic of accountability, power hoarding, and scarcity mindsets. 
Hosted by Mikaela Loach and Josephine Becker, edited by Finlay Mowat.
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EPISODE 19: What is Climate Justice? ・12.11.2020

In this ep, we dive deeper into the definition and meaning of climate justice, how we relate to it, and what we hope of the climate justice movement going forward
Hosted by Mikaela Loach and Josephine Becker, edited by Finlay Mowat.
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EPISODE 18: The US Election ・05.11.2020

The last few days have been a lot. This episode is just us reacting to the result so far, discussing where we go from here and why organising is completely essential. CW: lots of swears, lots of frustration, a bit of hope in there too.

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EPISODE 17: Tools of Resistance, History and Black Mental Health with Jess Mally ・22.10.2020

In this ep., we talk to Jess Mally (@jessmally) about people power, history, tools of civil resistance, mental health in the Black community, and the white gaze.
To learn and support her work check the links below! 
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EPISODE 16: Black Lives Matter is Still Not a Trend (feat. Leah Thomas and Marie Beecham) ・15.10.2020

Mikaela chats with Leah Thomas (@greengirlleah founder of @intersectionalenvironmentalist) and Marie Beecham (@mariebeech) to follow up on the Black Lives Matter is More Than A Trend episode. They talk about the struggles that come with having a large platform, the need to acknowledge t... Read More

EPISODE 15: White Saviourism ・07.10.2020

This week, Jo and Mikaela discuss white saviourism through the examples of film, media and environmentalism. We also discuss the “Good White Person” and what this means in the pursuit for collective climate and social justice.
Hosted by Mikaela Loach and Josephine Becker, edited by Finl... Read More

EPISODE 14: Climate Change is a Health Issue ・01.10.2020

Mikaela and Jo talk about the health impacts of the climate crisis, why this important and why it can be seen as the "greatest opportunity for global health". They connect this to other issues around activism, antiracism and change-making. Mikaela also talks about her own experience of ... Read More

EPISODE 13: How Media is used to Oppress ・24.09.2020

This week on episode 2 of our new season, we discuss how the media shapes our world views, with the example of copaganda and the UK media’s monopoly. We also speak about the display of crisis, it’s normalisation and how current times exposed the lies of “this couldn’t happen to us”
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EPISODE 12: Relationships and Accountability ・17.09.2020

SEASON 2!! After a wee break, the YIKES pod is back! In this ep., Mik and Jo chat about relationships, antiracism, letting things slide vs survival skills and holding others accountable. We are so excited to be back with a new season - hope you all enjoy Season 2!

Hosted by Mikaela Loa... Read More

EPISODE 11: Mental Health, Refugee Rights and the Privilege of Movement with Hassan Akkad ・23.07.2020

Welcome to the last episode of Season 1 of The YIKES Podcast!
We spoke to the incredible Hassan Akkad, a documentary and film maker, using storytelling as humanising individuals and educating for social change. He shares his insights around refugee mental health, hostile environment po... Read More

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