Tuna on Toast with Stryker

Hi, it‘s Ted Stryker (formerly of KROQ). Welcome to your new favorite podcast! Each episode, I‘ll be chatting/interviewing all of our favorite musical artists and entertainers for a deep dive on their career, life, current projects, and just an overall fun hang. 6 Episodes

Tuna on Toast with The Record Company ・15.10.2021

Before The Record Company joins in, Stryker is enthused over his giant boxers and xxxl T Shirt from Target while bursting with joy as he is about to head to Vegas to see System of a Down.  In this episode, Ted Stryker starts out with an apology to the band. Chris and Marc join the show,... Read More

Tuna on Toast with Tom Delonge ・12.10.2021

This episode starts with Stryker telling the story of the night he picked up Woody Harrrelson hitchhiking!  Tom Delonge joins Stryker as they discuss Angels & Airwaves and how the new album LIFEFORMS came together...Tom opens about about operating on the fringe for such a long time and ... Read More

Tuna on Toast with Tom Morello ・05.10.2021

This episode starts with Stryker detailing his departure from KROQ and the circumstances that lead to his calling it quits after 22 years.  Tom Morello joins Stryker to discuss his new album, The Atlas Underground Fire. In this Tom Morello interview, they also discuss his time at Harvar... Read More

We‘re TWO Weeks Away from the Debut Episode ・21.09.2021

I appreciate you more than a lizard sunbathing on a heat square. 

It's happening! 


Random Couple Offers Me TWO MILLION DOLLARS ・14.09.2021

A random married couple I met in person told me they were going to send two million dollars my way!  What do I have to do for THEM? How did this all go down?  Do I have the two million? 

What is ? ・07.09.2021

It's happening!  This is the preview of who and what's to come on my brand new podcast which debuts Tuesday October 5th.

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