Tuna on Toast with Tom Delonge

This episode starts with Stryker telling the story of the night he picked up Woody Harrrelson hitchhiking!  Tom Delonge joins Stryker as they discuss Angels & Airwaves and how the new album LIFEFORMS came together...Tom opens about about operating on the fringe for such a long time and the public questioning all is professional moves, from his departure from Blink 182 to "chasing aliens" to working with the US Government.   In this interview Tom also discusses with Stryker his contract with the government in regards to a craft of unknown origin.  Tom also talks about how Blink 182 got their record deal, the non-stop work cycle Blink 182 was on and how that affected his personal and professional life.  Tom opens up about his current relationship with Mark Hoppus, and how Mark's incredibly sad cancer diagnosis helped their friendship (episode was recorded just before Mark announced he was cancer free).  Tom also tells a hilarious story of the time he approached an employee at Christopher Nolan's company Syncopy Films followed by his crazy encounter with Chris Nolan himself. The episode closes with a story about what happened when Blink 182's record company came to listen to the album Dude Ranch for the first time, and, how Tom deals with critics today.  


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