Tuna on Toast with Tom Morello

This episode starts with Stryker detailing his departure from KROQ and the circumstances that lead to his calling it quits after 22 years.  Tom Morello joins Stryker to discuss his new album, The Atlas Underground Fire. In this Tom Morello interview, they also discuss his time at Harvard, his job as a juggler in The Renaissance Fair, his first rock star sighting in Los Angeles, and, the time when Tom was in his band Lock Up, he dressed up as Dave Navarro from Janes Addiction and actually played as Janes to fool the crowd, In addition, Tom talks about the ONE game show he WOULD host! He also describes his van ride with Rick Rubin to see Chris Cornell and how many shows Rage Against the Machine played before they got their record deal. Tom also reveals how the DJ Protohype ended up on his radar, and how three generations of Morello's appear on his album along with Bring Me the Horizon and grandson.  Hope you enjoy!


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