Two Drink Minimum

Two Drink Minimum, A weekly podcast hosted by washed up vine star Jimmy Murrill and his hilarious friend Carly Ferrari. Get your daily dose of unsolicited advice, candid conversation, and the unfiltered opinions of these two train wrecks. They start recording each podcast after a minimum of two drinks. So come join the party, grab two drinks, and feel better about your life after listening to the way Jimmy and Carly live theirs. They did the walk of shame so you could stride with pride!Follow us on Instagram: @TwoDrnkMinimum @JimmyMurrill, @CarlyyFerrari, and @AliGayderr SUBSCRIBE AND LEAVE A 5 STAR REVIEW! 23 Episodes

Episode 1- Gen Z's awkward phase is nonexistent. ・20.05.2021

We are back with an all new season on TDM. This week we discuss the trials and tribulations of growing up Gen Z and Millennial. We also give our opinions on a girl who unintentionally married her step brother. Just listen, this story is nuts!

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Episode 11- If you can't spot the toxic friend in the group... it's you. ・09.07.2020

Is your friend group toxic?

Or are you guys just too comfortable with each other! Find out here!

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Episode 10- Jimmy's unethical life hacks. ・18.06.2020

Jimmy lives his life a very different way than most sane logical people. Along the way he picked up some life hacks that are far from ethical. Listen and learn a thing or two. Who knows, you might use one this weekend. And is coke in the office too much? No one likes a snitch!

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Episode 9- Blackout Blues ・11.06.2020

Listen as Jimmy and Ali tell stories from some of their worst blackout moments. This is all because Jimmy experienced some terrible blackout blues after his actions this weekend. Also get an update on Alis Love is Blind and find out what is going on in her love life.

Episode 8- Don't unblock them! It's a TRAP! ・03.06.2020

Now obviously we all have our needs, and being forced to stay at home by the Government doesn't help those needs. Now, we know its hard but DONT HOOK UP WITH YOUR EX! They are going to try to reach out and hook up with you, that is why Jimmy and Ali are here to help you look out for the... Read More

Episode 7- Corona is a Cock Block ・25.03.2020

Because the world is basically coming to an end due to corona virus Alis love life along with the economy has suffered. We also discuss different ways to quarantine and chill! Along with reasons you dont want to be quarantined with those pesky parents.

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Episode 6- Marriage talk on the first date? Never a good idea! ・19.03.2020

Well apparently Carly started the spiked seltzer trend... Yeah right. Jimmy prove himself superior when it comes to trivia. We also dive into Alis love life because she went on her first hinge date! Did it go well or did it crash and burn? Listen right now to find out!

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Episode 5- Love isn't blind... it's cringy ASF! ・12.03.2020

On this weeks episode we dive deeper into Alis love life. Jimmy reads off some of the messages from Alis Hinge account. This is also Alis first time reading these messages. They also talk about why we lie and talk about the different types of lies and liars.

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Trailer! ・08.03.2020

I mean its pretty self explanatory... This is the trailer to the podcast you're on!

Episode 4- Are you too old for that? ・04.03.2020

We are adding a new dating segment for our hostess with the mostess relationship troubles.... Ali! Basically it is like the show Love is Blind. Carly and Jimmy have hijacked Alis dating apps and are setting her up with dates that she has never even...


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