Unpack ‘n Bounce Back

Unpack ‘n Bounce Back! Reyna Biddy and Skye Townsend team up to share their personal experiences and tough lessons learned while navigating through life. The poet and comedienne duo will leave you laughing, crying, and inspired as they engage in honest conversations. Stories. Spoken word. Opinions. Comedy. Reflections. Weekly Challenges. Two perspectives—Unfiltered,With love. 43 Episodes

Transparency: What Does It Mean to Bare Your Soul? (season finale) ・16.08.2021

We are sad yet proud to announce that we have made it to the end of another season. Thank you to everyone who has joined us for this ride and shared with friends & family. Please enjoy this conversation about transparency as we share our thoughts about tackling another season, reflect o... Read More

Discipline: What Does It Take to be Your Best Self? ・09.08.2021

Season two is coming to an end and we are tapping into discipline to keep you all motivated as we take time off. What does it mean to have discipline? Is it a positive or negative word to you? Join us as we share some tips to help stay on track and further our dreams and goals. As alway... Read More

Navigating Adulthood: Breaking Down What It Means To Grow Up ・02.08.2021

We knew this episode was going to go deep but we surely were not prepared for all this! As we approach the end of season two, join us for a convo about what it means to become an adult. We discuss the age that we finally felt grown, lessons we wished we learned sooner and different refl... Read More

Read The Room: How to be More Observant ・26.07.2021

Woohoo! Back with another episode of season two. Join us for a discussion about reading the room. Do you know when it's time to leave a social setting? Do you unknowingly overstay your welcome? Need more tips to thrive in a space where you may be uncomfortable? Listen to some of our sto... Read More

Childhood Favorites ・19.07.2021

Join us for a funny convo about all of our favorite things when we were young (and if we still relate to them now)! Our favorite shows, foods, hobbies and more! Reminiscing can be fun sometimes too!

Skye & Reyna

Kindness ・12.07.2021

Join us for a conversation about kindness. We dive into the difference between being kind and nice, when we learned the true meaning and how we view ourselves. We definitely enjoyed this conversation and hope you do as well!

Let's dive in....

Skye & Reyna 
@unpacknbounceback on IG

Siblings ・05.07.2021

We are back with another episode of season two and the topic is siblings! Join us as we discuss our own families, what we have learned from our sisters and brothers, some tips to get along better with your own siblings and more! Hopefully this episode opens your mind and inspires you to... Read More

Flex: Celebration or Brag? ・28.06.2021

What does it mean to flex? Is it a positive or negative word to you?  Join us for a juicy discussion about what it means to publicly share and discuss your wins. Two very different opinions. Enjoy!

Reyna & Skye
IG: @unpacknbounceback

Outside: Back to Reality ・21.06.2021

Join us for a conversation about readjusting to life with less restrictions and more freedom. We cover social anxiety, bad habits we won't bring into the post-pandemic world and the biggest lessons we have learned from being stuck in the house. As restrictions are lifted, remember to no... Read More

Manifestation: Speaking Things into Existence ・07.06.2021

Is there an art to manifestion? Or could it truly just be “speaking things into existence?” Do you consider yourself a good manifester? Or are you still unsure about the overall concept? Tap in with us as we dive into our personal manifestation stories. Listen as we share about both the... Read More


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