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Hi, I'm Kurtis Conner. Every week, I talk about stuff that I think is funny. Enjoy!

I Am Weed ・14.10.2021

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I'M BACK! This week, we talk about my first trip to America in 2 years, Meghan Trainor's twin toilets, and we look at the new Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox interview. Enjoy! 

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The SwayStories Response ・29.09.2021

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FOLKS! This week, we go over the exchange I had with the OFFICIAL Sway Stories TikTok page after my video about them, we take a look at the Super Mario movie casting, we then talk about a troubling article and some tree facts, and I a... Read More

Met Gala Fashion Review ・22.09.2021

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YEAH I KNOW I'm talking about the Met Gala outfits a week later than everybody else!!! whatever!!!!! and I also talk about Grime's get ready with me video, nicki minaj's tweets and getting back on stage for the first time in 18 months... Read More

Bottled Kids Tears ・15.09.2021

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Using your crying son for views, activism game shows, mad guys in flip flops; what an episode! Enjoy!

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Making Shazam with Rachel Zegler ・08.09.2021

This week, we've got Rachel Zegler on the podcast! We discuss taylor ham and pork roll, making Shazam, the insane Snow White reaction, imposter syndrome, and so much more!

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Grass-Fed Beef ・01.09.2021

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WE GOT A GOOD ONE THIS WEEK! We talk about the hate towards crusty-eyed white dogs, my first show back after 18 months, we look at a ... Read More

LONELYFANS ・26.08.2021

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This week, we talk about my card selling for hundreds on eBay, getting stopped to take a breathalyzer, OnlyFans, Hasan's house backlas... Read More

Reading My Fan Fiction ・18.08.2021

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this week; we talk about my new main channel video, stinky celebs, and then we read a Kurtis Conner x Obama fan fiction that also... Read More


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This week we talk about getting scammed, psoriasis merch, David Dobrik's video titles, Dababy's weird concert comments, and we watch literally the funneist TikTok I've ever seen! enjoy :)

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Asstronaut ・04.08.2021

This week: we walk about Jeff Bezos going to space, Simone Biles, quirky Ben Shapiro, I give some advice; and so much more! Enjoy :) 

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Getting Ghosted w/ Jacob Sharpe & Dean Hebscher ・28.07.2021

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This week, me and the fellas hung out in my living room and had an absolute blast. We talk about Dean getting ghosted, ex girlfriends, MGK stans, and so much more!


Squirt Gun Kelly ・22.07.2021

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This week; we talk about my super rare find at an antique store, Addison Rae's twitter drama and we watch some very troubling videos of Machine Gun Kelly. Enjoy! ... Read More

Cursed Canadian TV w/ Mia Maples ・14.07.2021

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This week we've got Mia Maples on the podcast talking shop! AND since we're both from up north, we did a tier list of weird Canadian shows from the 90's and early 2000's. Enjoy!

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Big Nik Blocked Me For No Reason ・08.07.2021

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This week; we talk about getting fully vaxxed, the Sha'carri Richardson situation, and we try to figure out why BigNik blocked me. Enjoy!

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The 10-Year-Old Entrepreneur ・30.06.2021

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This week: we talk about what happens when your dad is a famous entrepreneur, anti-vaxxers, my new hobby, I give some advice about summer jobs; and so much more! Enjoy! :)

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Budtenders ・23.06.2021

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This week, we talk about me GOING OFF on Trisha Paytas, "budtenders", the iCarly reboot, Taylor Swift's productivity hack, and I give some advice!!!

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Building a Dude ・16.06.2021

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This week: we talk about Frenemies, the new Megan Thee Stallion video, stealing content, building a dude, and so much more!!! Enjoy! 

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I Bought the Logan Paul Fight ・09.06.2021

HOWDY! This week: I talk about my experience in the Twitch Rivals Minecraft Tournament, Bo Burnham's "Inside", manifesting a Tesla, and I give an in-depth review of the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather fight that I unfortunately spent $50 on! Enjoy! 

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Ranking YouTuber Apologies w/ D'Angelo Wallace ・02.06.2021

This week we've got the ONE & ONLY D'Angelo Wallace on the podcast this week to talk about his creative process, deleting over 20M views from your channel; and we make the definitive YouTuber apology tier list...and also give advice. Enjoy!

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Mouse Mingle ・26.05.2021

This week; we talk about the dating site for Disney Fans, the response to my newest video, we go over some weird national holidays in the Kurtis Corner; and we unfortunately say goodbye to Xun :( 

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Ninja, I'm Sorry ・19.05.2021

This week, we talk about me FINALLY getting vaccinated, cryptocurrencies, I give some advice, and we go through the "braless wife" Ninja tweet saga. Please forgive me, Ninja!

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Getting Shot in the Face w/ nickisnotgreen ・13.05.2021

This week: we've got nickisnotgreen on the podcast to talk about Gary Vee, hot Disney dads, Elon Musk on SNL, losing my speedrunning record and my Twitch partnership ordeal. Enjoy!

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Cheug Life ・07.05.2021

This week: we do a deep dive into Cheug, we discuss the recent hot tub twitch streams, the secret, and so much more!

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Netflix Please Stop ・28.04.2021

OKAY this week: we talk about The Hype House getting their own Netflix show, the new Jake Paul & Pete Davidson beef, Ben Shapiro's wood, David Dobrik's bar cart, and so much more!!

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We'd Rather Die ・21.04.2021

HOWDY FOLKS! This week, we've got my good buddy Jacob on the podcast! We talk about our new favourite band TRAMP STAMPS, a cool Chad Kroeger story, guilty TV pleasures, we give some advice, and so much more!!!

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