Welcome to Macintosh

A tiny show about a big fruit company. Stories range from the history of the Mac startup chime to the creation of the 🧘 emoji to how a silly song made Steve Jobs dance. It’s about the people who were influenced by Apple β€” or even influenced Apple themselves. 27 Episodes

18: If It's Broke, Don't Fix It ・11.02.2018

What's the cost of having the latest and greatest?

17: Watch Out ・01.01.2018

Technology usually progresses in a straight line β€” we want to upgrade to the latest and greatest. But sometimes, technology of the future can make us long for the past.

16: Little Wrist Computer ・18.12.2017

It's just a smartphone on your arm.

15: The Orchard ・03.12.2017

The story of a precious young Apple collector.

14: Hey Siri ・18.11.2017

Where did Siri's voice come from β€” and where is it going?

13: Let it Beep ・28.10.2017

The drama, the inspirations, and the hijinks that went into the creation of sounds you hear nearly every day.

12: Don't Panic ・15.10.2017

The story of Audion and Panic, and what it means to break with the mold of Silicon Valley and forge your own distinct, creative identity.

4️⃣ Pandora's Box ・02.10.2017

Emoji put a once obscure group of nerds into the spotlight. How have emoji changed their stodgy organization?

3️⃣ Emoji Incarnate ・16.09.2017

How emoji are designed and the decisions behind them. And, what happens when they reach the real world?

2️⃣ The Gatekeepers ・02.09.2017

What drives someone to create an emoji, and who are the gatekeepers that they have to face?

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